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  1. The Tides Are Turning: Why the Blue Economy Matters

    The Tides Are Turning: Why the Blue Economy Matters

    The ocean's business is everybody's business. We owe every second breath to the vast expanses of water that cradle our planet, which produce more than 50% of the world's oxygen. The daily diet of three billion people is based on marine-based food. When put into GDP terms, the ocean is the world's seventh largest economy. And yet this life-supporting system filled with unprecedented economic opportunities is under serious threat.

  2. A Culture of Belonging

    A Culture of Belonging

    Born on one of the world's most remote islands, she moved away and earned a fortune. Then Zita Cobb returned to transform Fogo Island into a socially responsible, sustainable art project.

  3. The “Blue Economy”: A Sustainable Future for the Ocean

    The "Blue Economy": A Sustainable Future for the Ocean

    A conversation with Fabian Huwyler, Head of Green Solutions, Impact Advisory and Finance (IAF), about the investing opportunities the ocean creates and why we all can benefit from them.

  4. Green Finance. Can Nature Pay for Itself?

    Green Finance. Can Nature Pay for Itself?

    With the population growing, the world of today is exposed to increasing needs and shrinking natural resources. Numerous initiatives at supranational, national, and regional level are attempting to restore some of the environmental balance. The finance industry has a part to play, too. 

  5. "I want fair, social capitalism."

    "I want fair, social capitalism."

    The young economist Falko Paetzold is fighting for a more equitable, healthier and more environmentally friendly world. His aim is to encourage private investors, particularly those with assets in excess of 50 million dollars, to invest sustainably.

  6. Good Deeds – With Returns

    Good Deeds – With Returns

    Sustainable investments no longer exist in a niche - here's why.

  7. Scaling up Impact Investing

    Scaling up Impact Investing

    Impact investing is a growing industry that has gained in popularity and importance in the last few years. This is not surprising, says Harvard Professor Michael Chu: It is driven by the concept that a social or ecological problem may be addressed via a commercial platform, which many people find attractive. Due to the high demand, some of the main focus points of the industry are now to launch new and risk-adjusted products, as well as to "mainstream" the market. 

  8. Supertrends: Millennials Want to Invest Responsibly

    Supertrends: Millennials Want to Invest Responsibly

    Millennials are a generation that receives much attention these days. Sustainability, clean energy, impact investing matter to the Millennials and will gain importance in the coming years, not least from an investment point of view.

  9. Supertrends: Climate Protection – a Key Value for Millennials

    Supertrends: Climate Protection – a Key Value for Millennials

    The Millennials are one of the largest generations in history and soon reaching maturity as investors. Their values – particularly caring about the environment and climate change – are most likely to become ever more influential topics and fuel growth in areas such as sustainable investment and clean energy. 

  10. Conservation Finance – Where Wall Street Meets Nature

    Conservation Finance – Where Wall Street Meets Nature

    The more boring sustainable investment products in nature are, the better. That is one of the findings of the 4th Annual Conservation Finance Conference that was recently held at Credit Suisse in New York. Investing in such products can provide a good, stable, current yield.