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  1. Promoting Prosperity in a World of Transition

    Promoting Prosperity in a World of Transition

    While advancements in science and technology have accelerated progress, the private sector must play a significant role to sustain growth and further alleviate poverty in developing countries. This was the conclusion drawn in a panel discussion that featured Credit Suisse CEO Tidjane Thiam during the 2018 Milken Institute Global Conference.

  2. Credit Suisse 2017 Entrepreneurs Summit: The Critical Mission of Creating Wealth with Communities

    Credit Suisse 2017 Entrepreneurs Summit: The Critical Mission of Creating Wealth with Communities

    Revitalizing communities to deliver both impactful and profitable returns is a critical topic among investors today, recently discussed at the Credit Suisse 2017 Entrepreneurs Summit.

  3. Roger's Way: The Swiss Frame of Mind

    Roger's Way: The Swiss Frame of Mind

    His Midas touch prevails off court as well as on. Not only has he won 100 million US dollars in tennis prizes over the past two decades, Roger Federer has also struck gold in sponsoring, management and more – not always in a conventional way.

  4. "I'm making Asia smaller"

    "I'm making Asia smaller"

    Tony Fernandes is one of Asia's best-known and most colorful entrepreneurs. With his budget airline, AirAsia, he has revolutionized the travel industry. We spoke with him about his childhood dreams, the business principle he considers most important and social capitalism.

  5. Millennials Drive Sustainability

    Millennials Drive Sustainability 

    Sustainability is a key concern for the millennials generation. Companies have to adapt processes and production practices to make their products sustainable and seize the opportunities this rapidly growing generation of consumers creates. 

  6. Impact Investing – Catalyzing Wealth for Change

    Impact Investing – Catalyzing Wealth for Change

    At Credit Suisse, we see a growing number of clients interested in impact investing, an investment approach that aims to bring about a measurable social or environmental change while generating financial returns. Julia Balandina Jaquier, an author of Catalyzing Wealth for Change: Guide to Impact Investing, together with Olivier Rousset, Head Impact Investment Specialists at Credit Suisse, shed some light on the topic.

  7. Investing in Financial Inclusion Through Start-Ups

    Investing in Financial Inclusion Through Start-Ups 

    Start-ups often drive innovation but can lack access to capital and strategic support. Particularly in emerging or developing countries. As a result, many promising ideas are never given the opportunity to enter the market. 

  8. An Innovative Approach to Waste 

    Global concerns regarding water shortages and toxic drinking water have risen to critical levels in the last decade. With the aid of remarkable new technologies that treat wastewater, the fear of the world's most important resource rapidly diminishing can begin to subside. There are options. 

  9. Women's Careers: Too Little Planning, Too Much Chance

    Credit Suisse wants to increase the percentage of women in senior management to 20 percent by 2020. Three employees of the bank as well as an expert in diversity and inclusion talk about reality and potential, outlooks, role expectations, and departing from the norm.

  10. Taxpayers Will Not Bear Banks' Losses With New Rules

    During the recent financial crisis, taxpayers around the globe invested billions of dollars saving ailing banks. New global rules put forward by the Financial Stability Board would force creditors to bear banks' losses.