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  1. A new approach to development aid

    A new approach to development aid

    Economist Abhijit Banerjee and his wife, Esther Duflo, have revolutionized development aid. Their first step was to conduct comparative field studies to find out what works and what doesn't.

  2. Bright Ideas in Green Energy

    Bright Ideas in Green Energy

    Professor Greta Patzke explains how she is attempting to solve the world's energy problems by finding a way to produce truly clean energy from sustainable sources.

  3. The Car You Will Be Driving in 2040: Top 10 Predictions

    The Car You Will Be Driving in 2040: Top 10 Predictions

    Mass market electric cars are poised to disrupt car production, supply chains and the energy industry to an extent not seen since 1913, when consumers first dismounted their horses and jumped behind the wheel of a Ford Model T.

  4. The Future of the "Blue Economy"

    John Tobin, Global Head of Sustainability, speaks about the need for a different approach to using the resources of the world's oceans. 

  5. Swiss Precision for Chinese High-Speed Trains

    For its notable successes in the expanding high-speed rail network in China, the Regensdorf company Amberg Technologies received the 2015 Export Award in the "Success" category at the Forum for Swiss Foreign Trade and Investment organized by Switzerland Global Enterprise.

  6. FinTech Startups Can Make Banking Stronger

    The banking sector should look to Silicon Valley and client-focused companies as inspiration for deep change, says Urs Rohner, chairman of Credit Suisse.