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  1. Global Wealth: 341 Trillion Dollars by 2022

    Global Wealth: 341 Trillion Dollars by 2022

    Credit Suisse Research Institute expects the world to generate 60 trillion dollars over the next five years. The overall pace of wealth creation will be relatively moderate. Unsurprisingly, emerging markets will advance more dynamically then their developed peers. In terms of wealth segments, nearly a quarter of the global population will belong to the middle class by 2022.

  2. Global Economy: More Growth, Dearer Money

    Global Economy: More Growth, Dearer Money

    Global economic growth should remain strong in 2018, as both advanced and emerging economies enjoy a synchronized upturn.

  3. Global Wealth Report 2017

    Global Wealth Report 2017: Where Are We Ten Years after the Crisis?

    As shown in the latest edition of the Global Wealth Report by the Credit Suisse Research Institute (CSRI), total global wealth has now reached USD 280 trillion and is 27 percent higher than a decade ago at the onset of the financial crisis.

  4. The Irresistible Charm of the "Family Factor"

    Family owned companies tend to outperform their non-family owned peers. This overall finding holds true for all regions, all sectors, and all company sizes. Over the last decade, the annual return generated by family owned companies was on average 5% higher. The latest report "The CS Family 1000" by the Credit Suisse Research Institute analyses this phenomenon.

  5. economic-outlook-growth-upswing-broadens-amid-benign-inflation

    Economic Outlook: Growth Upswing Broadens Amid Benign Inflation

    Growth in the advanced economies is still going strong. Subdued inflation will likely allow only very gradual steps of policy tightening in the advanced economies.

  6. how-much-of-kim-and-trump-can-an-investment-portfolio-bear

    How Much of Kim and Trump Can an Investment Portfolio Bear?

    Rising corporate profits and the strongest global economic upturn for 20 years: Only Kim and Trump can throw a wrench into the works. They provided plenty to talk about at the 2017 Credit Suisse Financial Forum in Davos.

  7. Burkhard Varnholt: "Every Bull Market Needs to Take a Rest"

    Markets ran into some turbulence in August. Is this soft patch an opportunity to buy or to sell?

  8. Nannette Hechler-Fayd'herbe: "Time to Protect your Gains"

    Nannette Hechler-Fayd'herbe: "Time to Protect your Gains"

    How clients can protect investments and maintain upside potential, explains Nannette Hechler-Fayd'herbe.

  9. Robotics and Automation – Creating or Taking Jobs?

    Robotics and Automation – Creating or Taking Jobs?

    Despite the perception that new innovations in robotics and automation may be a threat to the workforce, Credit Suisse experts expect that over time robotics are likely to create at least as many new jobs as they take. A look at the last hundred years provides a reasonable guide. While societies will likely face some disruption in the short term, governments who are successful in training and preparing their workforce should be well positioned to turn the challenges into opportunities.

  10. Global Growth to Remain Robust

    Global Growth to Remain Robust

    Asia Pacific CIO of Credit Suisse, John Woods, on what investors can expect for Asia in the second half of the year.