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  1. Credit Suisse intends to take controlling stake in its China securities joint venture

    Credit Suisse has reached an agreement with Founder Securities Co. Ltd. (“Founder Securities”) to increase its shareholding in its Credit Suisse Founder Securities Limited (“CSFS”) joint venture, subject to regulatory approvals. This confirmation follows disclosure by Founder Securities to the Shanghai Stock Exchange earlier today.

  2. Pillar 3a: Potential for paying in regularly, especially for women without children

    Credit Suisse publishes study on private retirement provision in Switzerland

  3. Credit Suisse appoints Yves-Alain Sommerhalder to lead the newly created Asia Pacific Trading Solutions business to drive further growth

    Credit Suisse announced today the creation of Asia Pacific Trading Solutions (ATS) to capitalize on the significant opportunity across the region and further build on the success of the International Trading Solutions (ITS) business. Yves-Alain Sommerhalder is appointed to lead the newly created ATS business, in addition to his existing role as the Co-Head of ITS.

  4. Commodities Decreased due to High Crop Supply Expectations and Reduced Safe Haven Demand

    Commodities decreased slightly due to higher agricultural supply expectations and reduced safe haven demand for gold and silver.

  5. Celebrating twenty years of the Credit Suisse Cup – an impressive success story

    Celebrating twenty years of the Credit Suisse Cup – an impressive success story

    Why do an increasing number of schoolchildren take part every year in the Credit Suisse Cup, the official schools' football championship in Switzerland? Because football is something that even kids and youth can get excited about and involved with. But also because this tournament, which is organized by the Swiss Football Association (SFA), provides a framework for putting talent to the test, for sparking love of the game, and for celebrating success with team spirit.

  6. Medienmitteilung - Primeo Energie, EOS Holding SA, CSA Energie-Infrastruktur Schweiz: Nachhaltige Schweizer Lösung für Alpiq

    EDF, Primeo Energie und EOS vereinbaren Übernahme der 25%-Beteiligung des Alpiq-Aktionärs EDF

  7. Credit Suisse invests in sustainable finance franchise with appointment of Global Head of ESG Strategy

    Daniel Wild will join the Group's Impact Advisory & Finance department from RobecoSAM

  8. Successful open day at the Kunstmuseum Basel and the MASI Lugano

    Successful open day at the Kunstmuseum Basel and the MASI Lugano

    Last Sunday, Credit Suisse invited visitors to an open day at the Kunstmuseum Basel and the MASI Lugano. As well as the two unique exhibitions – "The Cubist Cosmos" in Basel and "Hodler – Segantini – Giacometti" in Lugano – various attractions lay in store for younger and older art lovers alike, which made this day into a one-of-a-kind experience. 

  9. Pension Fund of Credit Suisse Group (Switzerland) introduces a 1e savings plan for the insured

    1e savings plans offer greater autonomy and flexibility with employee benefits insurance