Credit Suisse invites you to an open house at the Kunstmuseum Basel and the MASI Lugano
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Credit Suisse invites you to an open house at the Kunstmuseum Basel and the MASI Lugano

On Sunday, March 31, 2019, the Kunstmuseum Basel and the MASI Lugano will be in their best light during an open house. Two very different exhibitions await art enthusiasts both young and old. With "The Cubist Cosmos," the Kunstmuseum Basel presents a revolutionary art movement. Masterpieces from the Gottfried Keller Foundation are on display at the MASI Lugano in the "Hodler – Segantini – Giacometti" exhibition. As a long-standing partner of both museums, we are pleased to invite you to this event. Admission is free.

From 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. on March 31, the Kunstmuseum Basel and the MASI Lugano (Museo d'Arte della Svizzera italiana) are opening their doors to visitors seeking to enjoy art and inspiration. How about taking a trip to Basel or Ticino? The program speaks for itself. Besides the two exhibitions, which could hardly be more different, there are also some attractions that will make the day into something special. In Basel, a fun puzzle adventure awaits younger visitors. Armed with a puzzle book and pencil, they will make their way through the museum and uncover the secrets of "The Cubist Cosmos" exhibition. Fun is guaranteed! And those who are interested in explanations and background on the exhibitions are in luck, as during the open house, audio guides at both the Kunstmuseum Basel and the MASI Lugano are free. And since everyone needs a break sometimes during a visit to a museum, there is ice cream for everyone at both Basel and Lugano. Of course, you can't forget your souvenir photo at the end of the day. We have installed photo booths at both museums for this very reason. Treat yourself and your family to this unique Sunday experience and start off your spring with art!

More about the exhibitions

The exhibition "The Cubist Cosmos." From Picasso to Léger is on display at the Kunstmuseum Basel from March 30 to August 4, 2019. As cubism revolutionized the art world at the start of the 20th century, it turned old ways of looking at things upside down. It blew away existing forms and introduced a new artistic language with great innovative power. By breaking down shapes to take them apart, adding symbols and fragments, and using unusual materials, cubism challenged the common understanding of art. This was not only art for the eyes; cubism was geared specifically toward the intellect. You need to have a high level of abstraction along with the willingness to experiment to both create and view this art. It was revolutionary then and is still interesting today. The exhibition, which is a collaboration with the Centre Pompidou in Paris, showcases some 130 works from the era that lasted from 1908 until after the end of World War 1.

The exhibition "Hodler – Segantini – Giacometti" is on display at the MASI Lugano from March 24 to July 28, 2019. It includes some of the most important masterpieces of the Gottfried Keller Foundation. The indisputable highlight of the exhibition is the famous "Trittico della Natura" by Giovanni Segantini. This is only the second time in almost 100 years that the three-part masterpiece has left its usual exhibition site, the Segantini Museum in St. Moritz. But even without this, visiting the exhibition would still be worthwhile. It will give visitors valuable insights into the history of Swiss art over the last 200 years. In addition, the MASI Lugano offers a spectacular panoramic view of Lake Lugano to anyone who would like to see it.