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Sustainability Report

Credit Suisse’s efforts to advance ESG in 2020

Reporting on Sustainability

At Credit Suisse, we are committed to elevating our efforts around environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG). Upgrading our sustainability reporting in 2020 is another step in that direction— by disclosing according to SASB metrics for the first time and enhancing our disclosure against the TCFD framework.

«We enhanced our sustainability strategy at Credit Suisse, determined to meet the needs of our clients, employees, shareholders and the communities in which we operate.»

Thomas Gottstein, Chief Executive Officer

2020 sustainability highlights at Credit Suisse

It was a milestone year for the firm: from the creation of a new Sustainability, Research & Investment Solutions function at the Executive Board level to the commitment to achieve net zero emissions from our operations, supply chain and financing activities no later than 2050.

«Applying an ESG lens to business strategy is crucial to generating great results for clients, employees, shareholders and society at large.»

Iris Bohnet, Board of Directors Sustainability Leader
Lydie Hudson, CEO Sustainability, Research & Investment Solutions

Overview of chapters

Alongside our SASB and TCFD disclosures, we also report against several other voluntary Disclosure Frameworks. The report details our approach to Governance and summarizes much of our social and environmental activity across three chapters of Purpose, Planet and People. Our Sustainable Products and Services are also highlighted.


Credit Suisse’s purpose, our values-based culture and role in society

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Addressing climate change and enabling a more environmentally sustainable economy

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Diversity and Inclusion are a top priority in our pledge to be an employer of choice

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Organization and Governance

Evolving our organization structure to
reflect and support our sustainability efforts

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Sustainable Products & Services

Sustainable finance and impact investing that generate returns and drive change

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Disclosure Frameworks

Enhancing transparency with our disclosures: a key part of our ESG journey

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For more comprehensive information about our approach to ESG related matters and information regarding calculations used for certain measurements as well as risks that could adversely affect our results of operations, our financial condition or our ability to achieve our strategic initiatives, please refer to our Sustainability Report available at

Multimedia assets produced alongside the Sustainability Report 2020 have been updated to reflect recent organizational changes. The content of the report remains unchanged