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Launched in 1859, the Bulletin is the oldest banking magazine in the world. The award-winning magazine explores the most pressing economic, political and social questions of our time and features global thought leaders, expertise and projects that might change the world.

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Progress (PDF)

This issue of Bulletin is dedicated to progress. It explores ideas and trends in 16 countries around the globe – in the economy, politics and society. One thing is clear: Progress cannot be taken for granted.

It demands curiosity, wise decisions and favorable conditions. Progress requires freedom – freedom for business, as economist Jagdish Bhagwati explains, looking at the example of India, but also the intellectual freedom that allows for creative research, as ETH President Joël Mesot points out.


Our legacy (PDF)

"No one needs to re­mem­ber my name" – Meet­ing with mem­bers of the Young In­vestors Or­gan­iz­a­tion (YIO).

"I feel like I am a small part of Africa" – Roger Fe­der­er on his roots.

Cred­it Suisse Worry Ba­ro­met­er 2019 – The major an­nu­al sur­vey on the state of the na­tion.


Engagement – what drives people (PDF)

"Helping the fight" – Peter Sands, former CEO of Standard Chartered, took over the helm of the Global Fund. Combatting HIV, malaria and tuberculosis is a role that he "could not refuse."

Fair, sustainable and innovative – In Dubai, Spandana Palaypu established the recruitment platform ZoEasy to provide fairer employment conditions for migrants.

Learning from Switzerland – In New York’s South Bronx, the nonprofit Here to Here is introducing a dual vocational education and training program based on the Swiss model, in an effort to provide better opportunities for young people.


Mainstream – Why norms matter (PDF)

"Hi, it’s Marty" – Martin Cooper, the inventor of the mobile phone, explains how he came up with a device now owned by two-​thirds of the world's population.

"There is no planet B" – Javier Goyeneche and his company Ecoalf make stylish clothing from recycled plastic. Could sustainable fashion become mainstream?

In the consumer capital of tomorrow – Shopping in Beijing with a young woman from China's emerging middle class. The consumer behavior of these 400 million people will fundamentally change global commerce.


Crucial questions for a changing world (PDF)

"I think we're going into a great un­known, un­charted mo­ment in world his­tory." – Fareed Za­karia, geo­strategist, journ­al­ist and best­selling au­thor, says that we find ourselves in a post-​American world order.

"We trans­late un­cer­tain­ties into cal­cul­able risks and man­age them in that way." – Joachim Oechslin, Seni­or Ad­visor – Risk Man­age­ment, on the chal­lenges that volat­ile mar­kets pose for risk ana­lys­is and man­age­ment.

"It's ex­tremely im­port­ant to make con­sumers aware of the value of media products." – Miri­am Meck­el, found­ing pub­lish­er of ada magazine and pro­fess­or of com­mu­nic­a­tion man­age­ment at the Uni­ver­sity of St. Gal­len, on the fu­ture of media and journ­al­ism.