General Information

Shared Services

Providing centralized corporate services and business support.

Shared Services provides centralized corporate services and business support for our two business divisions – Private Banking & Wealth Management and Investment Banking – as well as effective and independent control procedures. Shared Services also includes corporate functions, such as One Bank Collaboration, Public Policy and Corporate Communications.

Finance, Operations and IT 

The Chief Financial Officer area covers many diverse functions, including Corporate Development, Information Technology, Corporate Real Estate & Services, Group Insurance, Efficiency Management, New Business, Global Operations, Product Control, Tax and Treasury and Group Finance, including Financial Accounting and Investor Relations. 

Legal and Compliance

The Legal and Compliance area provides support to help protect the reputation of Credit Suisse. It does so by giving legal and regulatory advice and providing employees with the tools and expertise to comply with applicable internal policies as well as external laws, rules and regulations.


The Chief Risk Officer area comprises market, credit, operational and fiduciary risk management, enterprise risk management and risk & finance data analytics and reporting, which cooperate closely to maintain a strict risk control environment and to help ensure that our risk capital is deployed wisely.

Talent, Branding and Centers of Excellence

The Talent, Branding and Centers of Excellence area comprises human resources, corporate branding and advertising and our Centers of Excellence. Human Resources strives to attract, retain and develop staff, while also creating a stimulating working environment for all employees. Branding works closely with the business to manage our brand as a common touchstone, a differentiator in a competitive market and a motivator of behavior and our promise to clients. Our Centers of Excellence support our global operations in process optimization by providing services and best practices away from the on-shore locations and are an essential component in the implementation of our strategy.

Centers of Excellence

Our Centers of Excellence support our operations and are essential in the implementation of our strategy. Wroclaw in Poland, Mumbai and Pune in India and Raleigh-Durham in the US are home to our CoEs. At year-end 2014, they accounted for 17% of our global workforce.

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