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Supplier Selection and Engagement

Credit Suisse wants to work with suppliers who share our values to deliver excellent services to our clients. We establish and maintain relationships with small local and large international suppliers, selected on meritocracy. Find out more about how we typically choose and appoint our suppliers.

The approach of selecting the right supplier for externally sourced goods and services is driven by a combination of sourcing complexity and the strategic or tactical priority of the good or service. Credit Suisse Sourcing & Vendor Management professionals are responsible for identifying, defining, and executing the most appropriate sourcing strategy through close internal collaboration with functional and support experts within the bank as well as the requestors of the service or product.

The suppliers are chosen based on meritocracy to best meet with Credit Suisse’s strategic objectives. Depending on the approach, most goods and services are sourced from predefined suppliers, supplemented by some local spot-buying.

Finding the Optimal Mix of Suppliers and Ensuring Superior Service to Our Clients

Before we enter into business relationships with our suppliers, we carefully conduct an analysis to assess their suitability. Our supplier portfolio is subject to recurring screenings, health-checks, risk assessments, and supplier base optimizations in order to ultimately ensure best possible service to our banking clients.

All of these sourcing activities are being coordinated and overseen by the global Credit Suisse Sourcing & Vendor Management Organization. Leveraging on the global structure of our bank, we strive to find the optimal mix of suppliers with local, regional and global capabilities in the worldwide supplier base.

As an extension of our efforts to promote diversity and inclusion, we aim to build relationships with underrepresented businesses that meet our quality standards, such as firms owned by women or individuals from ethnic and other minorities.

Regional/Strategic Sourcing Departments

Our regional sourcing experts manage specific sourcing projects appropriate to their local/regional market, acting as the commercial counterpart of our suppliers and the single gateway to the supplier market. Our strategic sourcing departments define the category strategy and negotiate multi-regional and global sourcing initiatives.

Local Procurement Departments

Our local procurement departments manage spot-buying activities, operate the regional desktop purchasing tools, and assist in all purchase order related questions. Purchases beyond this are handled by our sourcing departments.


In order to enable prompt, efficient and cost-effective procurement, Credit Suisse has established in-house standard desktop purchasing tools. We see it as a competitive advantage, when our suppliers are represented in these tools with their own catalogs.

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