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Important to Businesses

Important to Businesses

One in every three Swiss businesses is a Credit Suisse client. Most of them are SMEs. These businesses play a crucial role in Switzerland. As employers, they ensure widespread prosperity. Through their innovation, they also secure growth and prospects for the Swiss economy. As a bank for entrepreneurs, Credit Suisse supports entrepreneurship in myriad ways.

Unsecured Loans for Working Capital Finance.

Loans are important for many SMEs in order to finance their operations. If companies are unable to furnish securities for this purpose, banks can issue unsecured loans. Credit Suisse is one of the top providers of unsecured loans, thus evidencing its risk tolerance.


Relationships with Swiss Corporate Clients

159   Years of business experience of Credit Suisse
>100,000   Corporate clients of Credit Suisse
30 bn   Lending by Credit Suisse to Swiss businesses (CHF)

Status 2014

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