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Switzerland and Credit Suisse

News stories about unstable financial markets and the debt crisis are unsettling for business and society. Reliability, responsibility, and security are now more important than ever. Credit Suisse has upheld such values for more than 150 years. We are strongly rooted in Switzerland, even though we have long since become a bank with global operations.

Enduring Values for State and Business

Switzerland and Credit Suisse benefit from one another in myriad ways. A large number of Swiss people choose to bank with Credit Suisse, while the bank provides jobs and training places for more than 17,000 individuals in Switzerland.

Thousands of Jobs.

Roughly one out of every seven employees in the Swiss banking sector works for Credit Suisse. The bank is one of the biggest employers in Switzerland, and provides training and career opportunities in many areas of the financial sector.

Taxes for the Community.

Credit Suisse is one of the largest taxpayers in Switzerland. Over the past ten years, the bank has paid 3.2 billion francs in taxes on earnings and taxes on capital to the federal government, the cantons, and the municipalities. In addition to this, 11.2 billion francs in social insurance contributions and employee income tax have been paid. Many employees are major taxpayers within their home communities as well.

As of the end of 2014

Reliable Partner for Our Clients

Every year, Credit Suisse enables many Swiss people to buy or build their own homes. Credit Suisse helps large and small companies to finance their business activities and investments. The bank’s high-quality advice, expertise, and capital strength ensure its reliability as a partner.

Lending for Growth and Prosperity

Credit Suisse grants loans totaling roughly 156 billion francs within Switzerland. Two-thirds of these consist of mortgages, the majority of which are used to finance home ownership. We provide companies in Switzerland with roughly 68 billion francs in the form of operating loans and mortgages.

As of the end of 2014
(excludes Neue Aargauer Bank)

Important to Businesses

One in every three Swiss businesses is a Credit Suisse client. Most of them are SMEs. These businesses play a crucial role in Switzerland. As employers, they ensure widespread prosperity. Through their innovation, they also secure growth and prospects for the Swiss economy. As a bank for entrepreneurs, Credit Suisse supports entrepreneurship in myriad ways.

Unsecured Loans for Working Capital Finance.

Loans are important for many SMEs in order to finance their operations. If companies are unable to furnish securities for this purpose, banks can issue unsecured loans. Credit Suisse is one of the top providers of unsecured loans, thus evidencing its risk tolerance.


Relationships with Swiss Corporate Clients

159   Years of business experience of Credit Suisse
>100,000   Corporate clients of Credit Suisse
30 bn   Lending by Credit Suisse to Swiss businesses (CHF)

Status 2014

Commitment to the Community

Credit Suisse generally offers all its employees one paid working day every year to take part in a voluntary charitable activity with a partner organization. Employees who hold an elected public office can count on generous flexible working time models.

Social and Political Commitment

360 Employees who hold public office
20,562 Employee days spent on youth and sports projects, or serving in the military or civil defense
62,270 Number of hours of charitable work done by employees (e. g. with the Swiss Red Cross)
2.85 mn Donated by Credit Suisse Jubilee Fund to non-profit organizations (CHF)

Status 2014

Switzerland and Credit Suisse: Facts and Figures

Key data for Credit Suisse in Switzerland shows that the bank plays an important role in the Swiss economy and makes a key contribution to society.

1856 Year in which Credit Suisse was founded
17,100 Employees in Switzerland
1.7 mn Domestic private clients
>100,000 Swiss corporate clients
1,800 Client advisors in Switzerland
156 bn Credit volume in Switzerland (CHF)
1.68 bn Expenditure in 2014 on goods, services, and licenses in Switzerland (CHF)
255 mn Annual expenditure on the expansion, maintenance, and management of its building portfolio (CHF, average 2012–2014)
11,000 Number of suppliers in 2014, including many Swiss SMEs
112,800 Internal professional development days worldwide
20,562 Employee days spent on youth and sports projects or serving in the military or civil defense in Switzerland
62,270 Number of hours of charitable work done by employees (e. g. with the Swiss Red Cross)
2.85 mn Donated by Credit Suisse Jubilee Fund to charitable organizations (CHF)
204 Branches in Switzerland

As of 2014

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