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Credit Suisse is committed to considering environmental issues when conducting its business. The bank develops products and services that combine economic goals with environmental and social requirements, addresses sustainability issues when managing risks, participate in initiatives to promote sustainable business practices and implements measures to improve its environmental performance.

The activities, successes, and milestones in question are not static, however – they change over time. That's why Credit Suisse is constantly innovating with regard to the economic, ecological, and social dimensions of sustainability. The "Innovation for More Sustainability" publication presents this information in easily readable form.

Risk Review Process

Environmental aspects are also taken into account in the area of risk management. The bank systematically assesses whether projects or client activities could pose any major risks to people or the environment using our risk review process. Specific policies and guidelines have been developed for sensitive industries to ensure that the potential impacts of transactions and other business relationships on the environment, climate and biodiversity are taken into account.

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