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Climate Change

Global greenhouse gas neutrality

Credit Suisse is active in the area of climate protection at a number of levels. The Bank reached an important milestone in 2006, when she became the first major company in Switzerland to achieve greenhouse gas neutrality. Since 2010 and due to its four-pillar strategy, Credit Suisse also been greenhouse gas neutral for all its operational sites worldwide.  In an effort to address this issue using industry-specific approaches, we also participate in studies and dialogue about climate change.

Our Four-Pillar Strategy

The four-pillar strategy consists of optimizing operations, capital expenditure, substitution and compensation. This means that we continuously implement optimization measures to reduce the operational energy consumption and make targeted investments in innovative and energy-saving technologies, as well as using highly insulating materials in new or renovated buildings. Where possible, the Bank switches to the use of climate-friendly energy sources such as wind power, hydropower and solar energy instead of relying on traditional forms of energy. As a result, our net global greenhouse gas emissions decreased by around 9% to 245,000 metric tons of CO2 equivalents during the year. By purchasing emissions reduction certificates (ERCs) in addition to these measures, we achieved greenhouse gas neutrality.

Source: Status 2014

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