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Financial Market Policy

Swiss financial market policy is strategically geared towards enhancing Switzerland's competitiveness as a financial center, combating abuse by tightening duties of due diligence and improving the framework conditions for the economy as a whole. Quality, stability and integrity are the declared goals. Specific packages of measures are aimed at optimizing the underlying conditions for the Swiss financial center within the framework of internationally accepted norms.


In the fall of 2013 the Federal Council, for the purposes of the further development of its financial market strategy, resolved to constitute a broad-based group of experts headed by Prof. Aymo Brunetti. Besides public authorities and academics, the group also included representatives of the private sector.

The group of experts was tasked with addressing the challenges facing the financial center at home and its opportunities abroad. It was asked to prepare a report by the end of 2014 to provide the Federal Council with a decision-making basis and recommendations for action on financial market strategy. The group's work focused on the following topics: the regulatory process and its implementation, market access, the tax environment for financial transactions, and macroeconomic risks.

On December 5, the Federal Council took note of the group's final report. 

Regulatory Framework

The global financial crisis has led to increased legislative and regulatory activity worldwide. Among the most important objectives of a sound financial market regulation we can count: the protection of individuals (creditors, investors and insured persons); the stability of the financial system; and the guarantee that the financial markets can continue to function even in a crisis situation.

An overview over the international institutional framework is provided in the following document:

Key Moments in the Financial Sector

After the financial crisis, new rules were drawn up for banks and capital markets. But what lessons were learnt from the crisis, what laws were passed and which precautions taken? The following diagram provides an easily comprehensible overview of the development in the financial sector and lists the key parameters established at the global and European level as well as in the US and Switzerland between 2008 and 2013.

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