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About the partnership between Credit Suisse and NEC

Ever since its launch as the Nippon Electric Company in July 1899, NEC has been at the forefront of the developing world of technology.

From its advances in the way switchboards could be used for long distance calls in 1919, to Japan's first domestically produced automatic phone exchange in 1927, many of NEC's early innovations were in the field of telecommunications.
Then in 1954, the company began its first forays into the emerging world of computers.

And 20 or so years later, NEC's president made the bold prediction that one day, computers and communications would be integrated. A statement that proved to be as accurate as it was ahead of its time.

Today, the name NEC remains synonymous with innovation and advances in technology, and Credit Suisse is helping keep them at the forefront, by helping shape their corporate strategy and, most recently, orchestrating the merger that makes NEC and Lenovo the fourth largest computer manufacturer in the world.

A blueprint for future M&A activities between Japan and China

Relationship overview:
Credit Suisse has advised NEC on their overall corporate strategy, not only on M&A discussions but also on other financing activities. Most notably, Credit Suisse has been continuously discussing their business portfolio strategies from an M&A point of view (divestitures and acquisitions). Credit Suisse has also maintained a close relationship with NEC for over ten years. 

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Joseph D. Gallagher - Co-Head of Mergers and Acquisitions, Asia Pacific 
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