General Information

Our Brand

The Credit Suisse brand is fundamental to our success as a leader in global financial services. Whether in Private Banking, Wealth Management or Investment Banking, our brand sets us apart from competitors and guides our behavior.

Our brand is much more than our logo. In a business where trust is paramount, everything we do as a bank and as individuals must build people's confidence in Credit Suisse. Our personal interactions, product offerings, advertising, corporate events and communications must all convey that Credit Suisse stands out from the global competition.

Brand Positioning

What makes Credit Suisse different? Our 158-year Swiss banking heritage has taught us to stay close to our clients – whether individuals or institutions – listening to them and understanding their particular needs. We help them to look to the future. And we draw on all the skills and resources of our global yet integrated organization to come up with the right solutions for them.

Building our brand means always seeking new ways to create positive impressions of Credit Suisse to help build our business. And keeping our brand strong means seeing that Credit Suisse stands for the same high standards in every way we express ourselves.

Our Logo

The Credit Suisse logo is the visual symbol for the organization, and the central element of our brand identity. It distinguishes us as an industry leader, conveys our heritage and stability and communicates our sense of purpose and commitment to our clients.

Our Ambassador

In November 2009, Credit Suisse entered into a long-term partnership with Roger Federer. This world sportsman with Swiss roots is an ideal ambassador for the Credit Suisse brand.

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