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Accounts & Assets

Accounts & Assets

Stay up-to-date – alongside account status, transactions, and other details about your accounts, you'll find the latest information on your portfolio or safekeeping account, money market transactions, and Bonviva credit card transactions. The overview also helps you keep track of your assets.



You can use Online Banking to issue or process all standard domestic and foreign payment orders. You can also set recurring payments efficiently using standing orders or templates. With electronic billing, you can receive bills from multiple vendors directly to your Online Banking account, where you can review and pay them with a click of the mouse.

Securities Trading

Securities Trading

Fast, secure, and global – trade on more than 60 stock exchanges worldwide. Orders are processed and confirmed in real time. Get a discount of up to CHF 25 on each trade.



Receive your banking receipts and documents electronically as PDFs with Online Banking. There's no need to wait for the mail, so you can access your information faster. And by using less paper, you are doing your part to protect the environment.
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Online & Mobile Banking

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Bonviva - Apply now

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