Un pacchetto di prestazioni completo Governance & Transparency

Governance & Transparency

Optimizing the Risk Universe and the Transparency of the Management of Your Proprietary Assets 

You Want Higher Security – We Have the Control Mechanisms

The GOVERNANCE & TRANSPARENCY service package caters to the needs of institutional investors, such as pension institutions or insurance companies, in relation to the management of their proprietary investments. Compared to direct investments, managing proprietary assets in a single fund raises corporate governance standards and reduces administrative costs.

Investment funds are heavily regulated products. The supervision of products and players by the supervisory authorities guarantee a high degree of transparency in terms of processes and costs. The independent monitoring of the relevant asset managers by the Fund Executive constitutes a comprehensive concept of control commensurate with your greater demands for the security of your assets.

Our Successful Partnership Is Founded on Efficiency and Trust

Implementing a fund solution reduces your administrative burden by simplifying your financial reporting. You only have to record a single security for each fund in your bookkeeping instead of a multitude of individual securities. Moreover, restructuring the direct investments in a fund solution enables you to take advantage of fiscal benefits.

Within the scope of the legal framework conditions, we guarantee high standards of quality and flexibility for all our processes. An interdisciplinary project team, headed by an experienced project manager, will support you in the design phase. Once the fund has been implemented, a client service team of highly qualified and motivated employees will attend to your day trading requests. Top quality, efficiency, and professional support are our priorities. You, the client, are the center of our focus.