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Apertura Previdenza privata 3° pilastro

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Affiliazione a una cassa pensione (2° pilastro)
Apertura di un Conto di previdenza 3° pilastro / Deposito di previdenza 3° pilastro

1 2nd pillar coverage is compulsory for all employees who earn at least CHF 21,330 per year and who have an annual salary subject to AHV contributions. Self-employed members may join the mandatory occupational benefits insurance voluntarily. Under certain conditions, unemployed persons who meet the criteria for daily unemployment benefits are also insured under the 2nd pillar for the risks of death and disability.

2 With the 3rd pillar pension securities account, you benefit from the same attractive tax advantages as with a 3rd pillar private pension, but you have the opportunity to achieve higher returns in the long term. The equity component in the investment group you select will improve your opportunity for returns, but will also increase the possibility of fluctuations in value. You can invest in actively managed or indexed investment groups, and may choose from nine investment groups.

3 You will need a Pension account – 3rd pillar for transactions to open a Pension securities account – 3rd pillar. This is free of charge.
With our pension plan – 3rd pillar, your existing retirement savings and any future deposits to your Pension account – 3rd pillar are automatically invested in your Pension securities account – 3rd pillar. A balance query is carried out daily. Funds are invested in the selected investment group once the balance in your Pension account – 3rd pillar has reached at least CHF 200.

4 These products have an average equity component of 75% and thus exceed the prescribed category limit for equities pursuant to Art. 55 BVV 2. Due to the large equity component, these products involve a higher risk than pension solutions with a maximum equity holding of 50%.

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