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Personal financial planning

Can entrepreneurs benefit personally too? Why not. We’ll help you with your personal financial planning.

First place in the category Serving Business Owners in the current Euromoney survey

Our fellow providers identified Credit Suisse as their main competitor in the category Serving Business Owners in Switzerland in the current Euromoney survey. The survey is conducted with private banks and asset managers. This accolade confirms our strong position as the "Bank for Entrepreneurs".

Our solution for entrepreneurs and executives

While you put your energy and your passion into your company, we’ll take care of building and maintaining your assets. In an all-round consultation, we’ll look at your private assets in the context of your professional situation and provide you with comprehensive solutions.

Do you have questions regarding your company or personal financial planning?

We would be pleased to provide you with detailed information about our solutions in a no-obligation personal consultation. We look forward to hearing from you.


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You’ll find detailed information on various other topics that could be of interest to you in our factsheets.

  • Investor platform

  • Corporate Cash

  • Advisory services for executives

  • Income and asset structuring

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Why not learn more about our solutions for you and your company in a no-obligation consultation?


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