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Corporate account

Opening a corporate account without paperwork? Why not. With our package solutions, you’ll benefit from attractive conditions.

Our package for corporate clients

Good advice for every company with product solutions from Credit Suisse. The Startup Easy package offers the most important products and services for the day-to-day financial needs of new companies. Has your company already established or are you still in the growth phase? Then the Business Easy package is the right solution.

Free for the first year

The packages are free of charge for new clients during the first year.

Open a corporate account without paperwork

If your company is already up and running, it’s easy to open your new banking relationship online – without paperwork.

Comprehensive package

Corporate accounts, online and mobile banking, Maestro and credit cards – everything in a single package. 

Clear overview of costs

Transparent pricing structure thanks to modular basic and supplementary services.

Attractive credit card products

Our packages include credit cards* with insurance benefits for when you’re on the go as well as an attractive bonus programme.

*Credit cards issued by Swisscard AECS GmbH

Flexible solutions

With Business Easy Overdraft you can avoid liquidity bottlenecks when your account is overdrawn.

Comprehensive supplementary offer

Our packages can be expanded to include attractive options. For example: foreign currency transactions and account overdrafts.

Personal consulting

Direct access to consultants and experts.

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Complete package for startups and SMEs

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Free of charge for new clients during the first year!


Corporate and savings accounts

2 Startup Easy corporate accounts: one in CHF, a second in either CHF or a foreign currency (EUR, GBP, USD); additional accounts may be opened for a fee 


2 Startup Easy savings accounts in CHF or a foreign currency (EUR, USD; one account per currency)


Detailed monthly statement and e-documents

Online and mobile banking

Modern online and mobile banking with special payments functions


Independent management of your external bank accounts with multibanking


Individual management of user rights via Credit Suisse Direct Self Administration

Maestro and credit cards

Credit Suisse Maestro cards
Free cash withdrawals in CHF and EUR at all ATMs in Switzerland


A Business Easy Silver American Express and a Business Easy MasterCard Standard1
- Shop and pay around the world
- Insurance benefits when you’re on the road
- American Express bonus programme

1 Issued by Swisscard AECS GmbH; additional Silver/Gold card packages for a fee. Requires a positive credit assessment by Swisscard AECS GmbH.
2 On card transactions; does not include, for example, fees, interest, cash withdrawals.

Or are you looking for a simple current account?

The current account is the flexible basis for your banking transactions. A current account can be maintained in Swiss francs and euros as well as other marketable foreign currencies. You have access to all assets at all times, giving you maximum flexibility. 

Two entrepreneurs viewing new office premises.

Are you still preparing to found your company?

Founding your own company requires careful planning. Everything needs to be thought through – from the suitable legal form and the business plan to the right banking package. As an experienced partner, we offer you support and innovative solutions in all areas. Below, we’ve put together some tools you can use in preparing and founding your company.

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Why not learn more about our solutions for you and your company in a no-obligation consultation?


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