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A crushed plastic bottle lies in the sand at the ocean shore.

When it counts: We support SMEs.

Together with the federal government and other banks, Credit Suisse has developed measures to provide rapid and uncomplicated support to businesses in Switzerland.

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"upbeat" – the new series on startups

Handelszeitung – in cooperation with Credit Suisse – is creating a weekly series with podcasts, articles, and videos, exploring the stories behind startups: The ups, the downs, and what the young entrepreneurs learned along the way.

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What phase is your company in?

As the Bank for Entrepreneurs we meet business and personal financing needs. We’ll help your company during all of its phases: from founding to expansion to succession. We can also help you build up and preserve your personal assets – in line with your entrepreneurial plans and taking account of tax considerations.


Do you have a good idea or would you like to realise your dreams? Then found a company. We can help you right from the start: from preparing to found the company to opening a banking relationship – so your career as an entrepreneur can take off.


Do you want to grow your company? We have a comprehensive selection of financing tools for you. We also have partners who are interested in investing in companies with potential. Companies like yours.

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Do you want to take things a bit easier or turn to new challenges? You need a smart plan, including succession planning, to keep your life’s work going. We’ll work with you to develop the most important strategies and options so you can face your new future with confidence.

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"Credit Suisse is the most digital Swiss bank in the corporate client segment."

This is confirmed by an independent study on digital corporate client business conducted by the Institute of Financial Services Zug (IFZ) and the digital banking think tank e-forethought on behalf of Swisscom. The study highlighted two of our solutions for entrepreneurs: multibanking and the self-administration function in online banking. And we’re constantly expanding our services.

Anchor: grunden
Two female startup founders viewing their new office premises.


We are the right partner to help found your company. Speaking of which, save the date on 20 February 2020: On Entrepreneurs’ Day we’ll surprise you with an exciting offer for new company founders.


Good preparation makes founding a company easier. Do you need help with your business plan? Or maybe some helpful check lists? By the way, our partner STARTUPS.CH would be happy to help you with the entire foundation process.

Get ready for take-off

The first step in founding a limited liability company or a joint-stock company is to open a capital payment account. Then you’ll need a corporate account – we recommend the Startup Easy package, which was designed for new companies.

Anchor: wachsen
A female entrepreneur looks confidently into the camera.


Do you want to grow your company? Along with numerous financing options, you’ll also benefit from our relationships with exciting partners.


Online credit, online leasing and factoring are efficient methods of debt financing, while our partners, Credit Suisse Entrepreneur Capital AG and Swiss Entrepreneurs Foundation, can also help your company grow with equity financing.


Are you active internationally? And are you looking for expert partners for your Forex transactions or trade finance? As a Credit Suisse corporate client, you'll benefit from attractive solutions.


Our network is your network. Take advantage of valuable contacts and unique platforms that will help move your company forward. And discover our partners Swiss Venture Club, Switzerland Global Enterprise and many more.

Anchor: weitergeben
A new company name is added to a company sign.

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Are you thinking about your company’s succession? A timely strategy will ensure the future of your life’s work. We can offer our expertise, from preparations to implementing the succession plan.


Are you already thinking about retirement? Then optimise your total assets, with our 1e pension solutions, for instance, or take advantage of our expertise in the area of taxes and tax submissions.

Succession plan

Passing the management of the company to the next generation is a complex process that presents a number of challenges for entrepreneurs. Take advantage of our extensive experience to help you determine the succession process for your company.


With OpportunityNet, we operate one of the largest databases for putting potential buyers in touch with sellers of companies. We also bring investors and growing companies with financing needs together.

Optimise your personal assets too

As an entrepreneur, your energy is devoted to developing your company. We’d be happy to help you with personal financial planning, geared towards your entrepreneurial plans and tax considerations.

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A no-obligation consultation? Why not.


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Our current entrepreneur campaign

Entrepreneurs don’t ask: why? They ask: why not? Speaking as one entrepreneur to another, we know what it means to put it on the line. What it means to be an entrepreneur. Watch our video and ask yourself: why not?

The video shows people in everyday situations and the inventions and ideas that have made them entrepreneurs.



Anchor: mehlwurm
A mealworm crawling along a piece of wood.

Entrepreneurs think ahead – do you?

Insects on your plate.

We have long known that insects can be eaten. Now the market is really heating up. For example, noodles are now being made from insect flour and burger patties from mealworms and crickets. But this, too, is just the beginning, and the possibilities are endless. Globally there are some 2,000 edible insects that are nutritious and – hopefully – tasty too. Will you start the next big food trend? Why not. 

Anchor: pilz
Several mushrooms stand at the bottom of a tree in the middle of the woods.

Entrepreneurs think ahead – do you?

Mushrooms in packaging? Mushrooms as packaging.

The growth of e-commerce has increased the amount of packaging waste. So forward-looking alternatives are needed. One of these alternatives may sound strange now, but it has a lot of potential: fungal roots are being used to create stable material as part of a sustainable process. The material is being used for packaging and insulation. Are you starting your own trend? Why not.

Anchor: plastikmuell
A crushed plastic bottle lies in the sand at the ocean shore. The plastic bottle symbolises plastic waste.

Entrepreneurs think ahead – do you?

Out of the ocean. Into the entrepreneurial world.

The pollution of the world’s oceans is an enormous problem that society needs to face. However, problems are also opportunities for entrepreneurs. Rather than producing more waste, waste can be removed from the ocean and used again to make new products. Sneakers are already being made from waste – and there are a number of other possible uses. Unfortunately, there’s more than enough waste in the ocean. Will you make something of it? Why not.

Anchor: faden
A spool of red thread sits on a table.

Entrepreneurs think ahead – do you?

A racing thread.

As everyone knows, thread is needed to produce everyday items like socks and sweaters. What else? Thread is also used in racing. Not only in the driver’s overalls, but also in the safety tethers used to keep the tyres on the car if there’s an accident or a technical malfunction. Are you finding entirely new uses for everyday products too? Why not.

Anchor: drohne
A drone flies high above a field.

Entrepreneurs think ahead – do you?

There’s always room for more innovation.

Clever drone systems and innovative technology are not just for entertainment. Drones are increasingly used in vital situations. For example, to help firefighters make an initial assessment of a fire from the air. A drone with a special camera system has been developed for this purpose. And there’s still a lot more potential, especially in advanced business areas. Will you take advantage of this potential? Why not.

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