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Solutions for Entrepreneurs and Executives

Being an entrepreneur or executive brings major responsibilities. What's more, you put all your energy and passion into developing your business. We would be delighted to take care of your personal financial planning. That means helping you grow and preserve your private assets in a way that matches your entrepreneurial plans and tax situation.


Procuring Capital or Making Direct Investments

Companies in the growth phase and SMEs facing a succession often have capital needs that cannot be covered through bank financing. At the same time, experienced entrepreneurs and managers are often interested in making direct investments in Swiss companies, and also frequently contribute specialist expertise in the process. As the Bank for Entrepreneurs, we bring entrepreneurs and investors together to create win-win situations.

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Strategy for Withdrawal or Management of Non-Business-Critical Liquidity – Avoid Negative Interest Rates

Changing tax conditions on the one hand and the economic consequences of negative interest rates on the other are forcing many SMEs to worry about how they use and manage excess liquidity. Credit Suisse offers two solutions for this.

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Services for Your Owner Shares

Entrepreneurs are usually fully involved in daily business. This leaves little time to take care of administrative issues in connection with owner shares. Our experience shows that this situation poses risks, but also opportunities, for the future. Professional handling of owner shares can create opportunities for the company’s further development.

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Optimization of the Compensation Cycle

Executives are typically short on time to take good care of their personal financial affairs. Credit Suisse has developed a dedicated approach to advise executives on several relevant topics.

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Income and Asset Structuring for Entrepreneurs
Optimize Private Asset Accumulation at an Early Stage

Entrepreneurs create economic value through their entrepreneurial activities. This value initially exists as assets in the company, where shares of these are often held in private wealth. There are a number of options for carrying the created value over into private wealth or building up pension assets. Optimal management leads to a cycle in which private and pension assets are continuously built up and expanded.

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