Publications and Subscriptions SME export prospects: 3rd quarter 2018

SME export prospects: 3rd quarter 2018

The export sentiment remains high among Swiss SMEs. From the perspective of SMEs, the short-term international growth opportunities are not diminished by the impending trade disputes or Brexit.

Although the record momentum of recent months has tapered off, the export sentiment remains quite high among Swiss SMEs. According to a recent survey on export sentiment by Switzerland Global Enterprise (S-GE), more than half of all SMEs anticipate that exports will rise in the 3rd quarter of 2018 as well. Credit Suisse's export barometer casts a similarly positive image. At 1.78 points, it has now fallen slightly below the record value of recent months but is still well within the growth range. Credit Suisse still projects an export surplus of 4% for 2018.

The upcoming Brexit does not appear to be a threat so far. For roughly half of the companies surveyed, the United Kingdom is just as important as or more important than other export markets. Read the publication "SME export prospects: 3rd quarter 2018" to learn about the impact the upcoming Brexit is having on the export sentiment among Swiss SMEs.