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March 12, 2018

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SMEs Still Taking Foreign Exchange Risks

At the turn of the year, for the second time, we questioned more than 300 Swiss SMEs concerning their exchange rate expectations and their handling of currency risks. For 2018, the companies surveyed expect less currency turmoil than in the previous year and assume the Swiss franc's past weakening against the euro is permanent. In addition, around one-third of respondents stated that they did not hedge against exchange rate fluctuations and thus accepted the currency risks on their own books. According to the survey, the biggest hurdles for SMEs are not high costs, time pressure or technical problems with implementation. Rather, it seems a majority of SMEs that do not undertake currency hedging have simply not considered this option. For example, 63% of these SMEs indicated that a hedging strategy using the financial markets was something they had "not previously considered."

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