Payment Channels Direct Link

Direct Link

Direct Link connects your multibank-capable financial software with Credit Suisse.


Direct Link provides our corporate clients with an interface for electronic retrieval or entry of account information, credits and payment orders, such as volume payments and transfers of large data files for batch processing in particular. In addition, you can receive electronic documents.


Your software can be connected with Credit Suisse by means of EBICS or Intersys. A description of these interfaces can be found at the following links:

How It Differs from Direct Net

Direct Net, Credit Suisse's online banking system, is suitable for all real-time transactions, for time-critical individual payments and particularly for securities transactions. Direct Net also offers various additional functions for setting up standing orders and calling up stock market data, among others. Unlike Direct Link, however, Direct Net is not multibank-capable.


PC / EDP system with Direct-Link-compatible financial software, internet access, modem or ISDN adapter for direct dialing, suitable transaction accounts and a contract with Credit Suisse.

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