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Business software

Don't you have your own business software yet? KLARA, the versatile but user-friendly online solution, automates and simplifies your administrative procedures. No installation is needed and you always have access to the latest version of the program. As a Credit Suisse client, you'll also benefit from the exclusive free daily account reconciliation.

Free account reconciliation

Manual transfer to online and mobile banking – no longer required

Klara synchronizes automatically every day with your online and mobile banking via the innovative direct interface bLink. In addition, payment orders are produced directly from your entries in KLARA and communicated to Credit Suisse.

Fully automated reconciliation of account movements

Thanks to the direct interface, account movements are retrieved automatically by KLARA in online and mobile banking, and are available in KLARA for reconciliation.

Efficient and worry free

This solution will save you valuable time, as you no longer need to worry about transferring files. KLARA deals with numerous things for you.

Further free functions

Use KLARA, the free online business software, for your SME and reap the benefits

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Focus on your core business and automate your administrative procedures. As a Credit Suisse client, you benefit exclusively from the free, daily banking reconciliation directly with the business software KLARA.

Do you have any further questions? KLARA will be happy to answer them.