We offer accounts for your daily banking transactions. 

Our Account Solutions for You

Use our Current account for daily payment transactions or account solutions like the Cash Invest account or Call account to enhance your interest earnings.

Use the Current account as a flexible basis for your banking transactions.

The Current account can be in Swiss francs, euros or other traded foreign currencies. You have access to the entire balance at all times, providing you with full flexibility. 

Benefit from attractive interest rates and generous withdrawal terms.

A Business Easy Savings allows you to optimize your liquidity planning. You benefit from an attractive rate of interest and flexible conditions for accessing your money. For withdrawals of more than CHF/EUR/USD 250,000 per year, a notice period of 31 days applies. If the withdrawal limit is exceeded without observing the notice period, there is an automatic charge of 2% of the amount exceeding the withdrawal limit (please note the withdrawal conditions defined in the fact sheet). Cashmanager is free of charge and automatically transfers excess liquidity to the Business Easy Savings, which offers a higher interest rate. At the same time, it ensures you have the liquidity you need.

Earn interest on the short-term investment of liquid assets with the Call account.

The Call account is suitable for investments without a fixed term. The interest earned is continually adjusted to the market rate. The interest rate is set in accordance with the investment amount and the current money market situation.

Benefit from a secure investment for surplus liquidity that you do not need in the short to medium to long term.

With the Cash Deposit account for corporate clients, you can securely invest the surplus liquidity that you do not need in the short to medium to long term. What sets the Cash Deposit account apart is free account management and a higher rate of interest than the Current account. The agreed period of notice must be observed (please refer to the withdrawal conditions set out in the fact sheet).

Personal Consultation 

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