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Protection against redistribution and individuality in the investment of assets: Companies and their employees can benefit in many ways from a 1e pension plan of Credit Suisse Collective Foundation 1e.

Individual benefits

An affiliation with the Credit Suisse Collective Foundation 1e offers insured companies and their employees the following benefits:

  • Consideration of the personal risk profile when choosing how to invest assets
  • Protection against redistribution of individual pension assets, as the pension assets are managed separately
  • Transparency of the cost structure and overview of the pension situation thanks to the Foundation's online portal

1e plans may also have an adverse effect: The insured bears the investment risks, losses may be incurred if the insured leaves the pension fund in an unfavorable financial market environment. Furthermore, purchasing potential cannot be calculated with interest.

Advantages for companies

A 1e pension solution has significant benefits for companies, such as:

  • There are no long-term pension obligations, as these are paid out only in the form of a lump sum.
  • Companies that are subject to IFRS reporting are required to create risk provisions for their benefit obligations in Switzerland. 1e plans are the only way to avoid these risk provisions and subsequently release equity.

The disadvantages for companies are increased complexity due to the separation of pension plans into a basic plan and 1e plan, as well as a possible reduction in the ability to restructure the existing pension fund.

Steps to an individual investment strategy

A company has joined the Credit Suisse Collective Foundation 1e. What are the next steps?

  • The company's pension committee selects up to ten strategies that are then made available to the insured.
  • Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. informs the insured about the investment strategies and the associated risks and costs.
  • The insured choose an investment product that matches their personal risk profile.
  • Insured can change their strategy at any time via the Credit Suisse Collective Foundation 1e online portal.


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