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Credit Suisse Collective Foundation 1e

The object of the Credit Suisse Collective Foundation 1e is the provision of occupational pensions through the collective investment and management of pension funds. The Collective Foundation was established by Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. as founder, and is legally independent of the company.

Product overview

Below you will find information about our investment groups, some of which have been on the market for over 40 years. Our clients have high regard for our CSA/CSA 2 Mixta investment groups, which consistently rank among the best in market analyses. They are known for their broad diversification and professional portfolio management. Our investment foundation's products are regulated by the Oberaufsichtskommission Berufliche Vorsorge (OAK BV – Federal Supervisory Commission for Employee Benefits Insurance).

Details 

Actively managed investment groups/classes

Actively managed investment groups feature active management by specialized portfolio managers. The objective is to maximize long-term performance in CHF. The investment groups are broadly diversified. The CSA Low-Risk Strategy CHF investment group invests in bonds. The investment group CSA Mixta-BVG 15 E invests in bonds, equities, real estate and the money market. The CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 25, CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 35, CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 45 and CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 75 investment groups exploit the opportunities in international diversification, investing globally in bonds, equities, real estate, and the money market as well as in Swiss mortgages. Investments in alternative investments supplement the CSA Mixta-BVG 15 Plus and CSA 2 Mixta-BVG 25 Plus investment groups.

1 These are indicative values which, depending on the market situation, may fluctuate within the ranges defined in the investment guidelines.
2 TER figures based on KGAST guidelines are used to disclose the cost burden of the actively managed CSA/CSA 2 mixed funds to investors.The mixed funds offered are fund-of-fund structures. Accordingly, the TER calculation includes not only costs of the fund of funds (Mixta investment group), but also the weighted costs of the target funds. The mixed funds composition may change over time, which is why the TER is subject to certain fluctuations. For this reason, the currently reported TER cannot be guaranteed. However, CSA/CSA 2 aims to keep the TER as stable as possible.

Indexed investment groups/classes

Indexed investment groups invest in investment funds that precisely replicate the indices and hence the performance of the respective markets. They are not actively managed, so low expenses are one of their most impressive features, and have a positive impact on their long-term returns. They are broadly diversified worldwide in bonds and equities. A premium or discount is debited from the account holder in the event of purchase or sale. The premium or discount remains in the assets.3

3 The premium or discount on the inventory value is done in favor of the investment group’s assets and protects existing investors from costs caused by new investors buying or selling their units within the investment group. Premiums and discounts therefore involve source-based cost participation in the investment group and protect existing investors from the dilution of their assets through investment costs. The amount of the premium or discount may vary and may be sporadically adjusted to market conditions.
These are indicative values which, depending on the market situation, may fluctuate within the ranges defined in the investment guidelines.

Your benefits
  • Low asset management fees and no extra safekeeping fees
  • Flexible investment strategy according to your private assets and to meet your needs
  • Comprehensive, clearly structured range of products ideal for pension provision
  • Monthly reporting (fact sheet) ensures transparency
  • Highly liquid investment groups
Potential risks
  • Market risk
  • Portfolio management risk
  • Foreign exchange risk
  • Liquidity risk
  • Tracking risk
  • Alternative investment risk

Regulations and forms

The Credit Suisse Collective Foundation 1e is governed by the applicable provisions of the Swiss Federal Act on Occupational Retirement, Survivors' and Disability Pension Plans (BVG). The general provisions of foundation law apply subsidiarily to this. The Collective Foundation 1e is subject to supervision by the ZBSA, the Central Switzerland BVG and Foundation Supervisory Authority.

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Board of Trustees

  • Dr. Hermann Walser, Chairman
  • Martin Wagner, Vice-Chairman
  • Caroline Devaux Kugler
  • Bernhard Heusser

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Credit Suisse Collective Foundation 1e

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