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Make the most out of your occupational benefits insurance.

Occupational pension plans with the possibility to select the investment strategy – including personalized support for your company and your employees: With the Credit Suisse Collective Foundation 1e, you have a strong partner at your side.

The Credit Suisse Collective Foundation 1e provides occupational plans with individual choice of the investment strategy. Within these 1e plans, salary components exceeding CHF 129,060 can be insured. The foundation insures the employees of affiliated companies, self-employed members of a professional association, and self-employed persons and their staff.

The Credit Suisse Collective Foundation 1e offers the following advantages:

  • Low administrative costs
  • Attractive insurance premiums
  • Flexible structure of death and disability benefits
  • Proven and cost-effective investment solutions

What is a 1e plan?

The designation "1e plan" refers to Article 1e of the Ordinance on Occupational Retirement, Survivors' and Disability Pension Plans (BVV 2). The 1e pension assets are fully segregated from other pension fund assets. Unlike with a normal pension fund, the insured can determine their own investment strategy for their invested pension assets. Depending on their risk profile, those insured in a 1e plan can select from up to ten investment strategies, at least one of which must be low risk. This allows the insured to benefit from potentially higher returns and participate fully in the investment performance. The 1e plans meet the growing requirements for more flexibility and individualization of pension provision: They give the insured the freedom to choose their own investment strategy in line with their risk ability and risk tolerance.


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