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Richard Fritschi

Richard Fritschi

Various BoD mandates & former CEO Ypsomed

Richard Fritschi is Board of Director at multiple private and public companies. He started his career with Luwa AG working between London and Paris. After the army services, he continued his studies at the Swiss Institute for Economy in Zürich and later attended an advanced management program called “The General Manager” at the Harvard Business School.In 1991, Richard joined ALLO PRO, a SULZERMEDICA company, as Financial controller.In 1992, he was promoted to Vice President Finance and then as General Manager Global Sales in 1998. SULZERMEDICA changed the name to CENTERPULSE and Richard was appointed in 2001 as President for Europe, Asia and Latin America. In 2003, the US Group ZIMMER acquired CENTERPULSE and Richard became President for Europe and Australasia.From 2006 - 2011 Richard was appointed as the CEO of Ypsomed generating $300 million in sales with over 1200 employees.