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Peter Keller

Peter Keller


Peter Keller is a Managing Director in the Credit Suisse Risk unit and since 2012 he has been Head of Reputational Risk Management at Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. and within the International Wealth Management division. He is also a member of the global Reputational Risk and Sustainability Committee of Credit Suisse Group.Peter Keller has been with Credit Suisse for over 30 years and since 1982, he has been involved in a variety of roles in international lending, corporate finance, and capital markets at the former SKA and Bank Leu. After a stint with the Royal Bank of Canada, Switzerland in the area of credit restructuring, he took over as Chief Credit Officer and led the credit business at Bank Leu AG and subsequently the merged Clariden Leu Ltd. until its integration into Credit Suisse in 2012.Through his diverse roles, he has comprehensive expertise in the areas of risk and credit management coupled with communications and management experience. Peter Keller is a Swiss citizen and a graduate of the Swiss Banking School.