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Direct Net is ideal for companies with small to medium-sized payment volumes. You can make payments quickly and easily from your computer or via your accounting software. The following functions are particularly useful for business clients: 

Managing Direct Net User Rights Yourself

Are you looking for an easy way to administer your Direct Net user rights online?
Then Direct Net Self Administration is the ideal choice. 

What is Direct Net Self Administration?

This easy and convenient online service from Credit Suisse allows corporate and institutional clients to manage Direct Net user rights autonomously.

  • Create new Direct Net user rights online
  • Individual management of user rights. Current user rights can be deleted, reactivated, blocked, or unblocked.
  • Copy the rights of existing Direct Net users

Help with problems logging on

  • Short Movie
  • Unblock Direct Net users
  • Order online new passwords and new proof of identity for users
  • Extend the period of validity for expired initial passwords
  • Change the mailing addresses for Direct Net passwords and proof of identity

Your benefits

  • No additional forms and procedures
  • Immediate operational validity of all online managed Direct Net user rights (even outside office hours)
  • Separate entry and approval of modifications by designated administrators
  • Online overview of all current Direct Net user rights

What you need to do

  • Request Direct Net Self Administration from your client advisor today
  • Nominate at least one internal Direct Net administrator for your company, and assign him or her either a «Supporter» or «Master» administrator type
Administrator Authority Administrator Types
  Supporter  Master1 
Enter user rights Yes Yes
Approve user rights No Jointly by two or individually 
Delete user rights Yes Yes
Unblock/reorder passwords and 3rd credentials Yes Yes
Change user mailing address Yes Yes

1Master administrators must have individual or collective signatory power with a specimen signature.

Online Overview of Current Direct Net User Access Rights

From November 2016, you will automatically be enabled in Direct Net to view online the overview of your corporate’s Direct Net user access authorizations.

  • Minimal precondition is to have the account query authorization in Direct Net.

Going Paperless:

As part of continuous digitalization and the ongoing expansion of our online offering, from 2017 onwards we will no longer provide the overview of company-internal Direct Net user access authorizations in paper format. 

Better card management for your company and cardholders

View, manage and download your credit card data any time and from anywhere. That’s what the convenient and secure CompanyOnline online access offers you.

Registration for CompanyOnline

Your company can apply to activate CompanyOnline using the power of attorney form. Once activated, all the transactions made using the cards and monthly statements are available in CompanyOnline.
Transactions made before activation cannot be made available. 

Register now

Different user profiles for different requirements

Two different user profiles enable individual access to CompanyOnline. This is coordinated to the different functional authorizations within the company and determines the displays and rights in CompanyOnline.

CompanyOnline for administrators

Administrators are nominated by your company using the power of attorney form. They can view all the company’s card information, such as monthly statements, individual transactions, etc. and can manage and download these.

CompanyOnline for cardholders

Cardholders can register independently after CompanyOnline is activated and have access to their own card account. As a result, they can view, manage and download their individual transactions, monthly statements, etc.

CompanyOnline is modular and is being constantly updated with new functions.

Personal Consultation 

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