Export Finance

Tailored financial solutions for your growth.

The world is eager for Swiss quality.
Do you run a Swiss SME and want to capture new markets abroad?
No matter how big your company or your project is, whether you want to finance a purchase or protect yourself when selling: our experts in export financing are here to help you. Our experience and expertise ensure that risks are minimized and often make financing possible where others could not.

Working capital loan
We provide you with a loan so that you can pre-finance the production of your goods that are in demand abroad.

Supplier credit
As a supplier, you provide your buyer with credit and sell it to us.

Buyer credit
We conclude a credit contract, which is tied to the delivery, directly with the buyer of your goods.

Bank-to-bank credit
We conclude a credit contract directly with the bank of the buyer of your goods in their country.

Trading with business partners in other countries can be adversely affected in many ways. Intelligent risk management is therefore essential, particularly for exporters.

Political risks:
Changed circumstances abroad can prevent the dispatch, delivery, or payment of your goods.

Del credere risk:
The buyer of your goods, who is domiciled abroad, becomes insolvent.

Transfer risk:
Foreign exchange controls abroad mean that the buyer of your goods is unable to pay.

From us for you: The right financing.
Many industrial companies in the manufacturing, infrastructure, and transportation sectors are among our clients because we know local industries just as well as foreign markets. Take advantage of our tailor-made solutions and many years of experience – especially when trading with growth markets abroad.