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Gabriela Kleiner

Gabriela Kleiner

healthy & snacky AG Founder & CEO

Gabriela Kleiner is the legal owner and CEO of healthy & snacky ag. Since 2006, snacky has been the leading Swiss specialist for untreated snacks and drinks in the area of fast-​moving consumer goods (FMCG).After completing various education programs in the area of marketing and sales, as well as her MBA from the University of Southern Queensland in Australia, Ms. Kleiner held a number of different management positions in the field of business development, mostly in the food industry.From 1996 to 2004, she was a member of the executive board at Hiestand Interna-​tional AG (today Aryzta) with a team of around 200 employees and responsibility for the evaluation, establishment, and development of new markets such as Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, Middle East, UK, and US. Ms. Kleiner was also a leading member and representative of the steering committee for the IPO of Hiestand, with responsibility for internationalization strategy.Today, she also serves on the board of directors at other companies.