Financing Leasing


Optimize your financing mix. Rest assured that we have the right solution.

Benefit from the use of equipment - without ownership. Equipment leasing gives you access to the latest technology.

Your Benefits

While taking the pressure off your balance sheet and leaving you free to build cash reserves to finance/expand your core business, and remain ahead of competitors in the technology stakes. You benefit from your choice of either fixed or flexible interest terms. Financing is also available in euros or other foreign currencies.

Fact sheet on equipment leasing (PDF)

Capital goods leasing (sales financing) in partnership with Credit Suisse.


Sales with Direct Leasing

In addition to products, they also provide financing solutions (referral to Credit Suisse). We offer standardized processes and quick response times.

Fact sheet on Vendor Leasing (PDF)

Your Advantage 
  • Client retention and sale of additional services
  • Promotion of sales
  • Understanding of when replacement equipment is needed
  • Money transferred as soon as all necessary documents have been received (invoice and signed acceptance report)
Your Benefits
  • Simple processing (online tool) and quick response times
  • Skilled and professional team
  • Broad range of solution models
  • Collaboration with the leading provider of leases to corporate clients in Switzerland
Possible Types of Cooperation

Referral Model

  • The sales partner refers a financing transaction from one of its end clients to Credit Suisse.
  • The sales partner guarantees the leasing commitment.

Refinancing Model

The sales partner enters into a lease or rental agreement with its end client.

Credit Suisse finances the acquisition costs.

  1. The sales partner submits a request for refinancing.
  2. Credit Suisse reviews the request and, if the decision is positive, assumes the claim.
  3. The sales partner cedes the claim and ownership to Credit Suisse.
  4. The sales partner invoices Credit Suisse (purchase price).
  5. Credit Suisse pays the purchase price to the sales partner.

We buy - you drive! With car leasing, you can drive your dream car today. 


The Smart Way to Increase Mobility and Liquidity

Do you want a car for your own use without having to buy one? You can drive away in your dream car thanks to car leasing. No waiting. No saving. Without tying your liquid assets or using your personal credit limits. Car leasing is cash management at its best.

Car leasing gives you new financial freedom. You ensure that you have sufficient liquidity at all times to cover other needs and payment liabilities.
Vehicle Leasing for Companies: Simple Benefits (PDF)

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