Financing Loans


Find the right type of credit and apply directly online? Why not.

Find the right credit to fit your financing needs, and request and manage it directly in your online banking.

Operating Loan

The operating loan offers a flexible solution for your occasional financing requirements.

Financing Requirements

The operating loan offers a flexible solution for your occasional financing requirements and for bridging seasonal fluctuations in cashflow: an overdraft facility or fixed advance means that we can help you reach your business targets. An ample liquidity reserve allows you to make the most of opportunities when they arise.

Current account credit

Within the framework of your agreed credit limit, you determine its usage depending on your requirements.

The current account credit in Swiss francs, euros or other tradable foreign currency serves to finance current assets. The individually set interest rate is only applied to the actual amount of credit used. What's more, security-backed loans (lombard loans) are a particularly attractive form of current account credit. You pledge safekeeping account securities or credit balances and benefit from very low interest rates.

Operating Loan

Investment Loan

Large, pre-defined sums are usually required to finance investments, machinery, etc.

Fixed Advance

The fixed advance in Swiss francs, euros or other tradable foreign currency serves to finance investments. A fixed loan sum and fixed interest rate protects you from interest rate fluctuations during the individually agreed term, and also creates a secure basis for calculations. The interest rate is based on the money market and capital market conditions applicable at the beginning of the term, taking into consideration your individual risk profile.

Investment Loan

Lombard Loan

A lombard loan provides you with a flexible financing solution.

When you pledge assets that can be liquidated easily, such as stocks, bonds or select life insurance policies with a surrender value, you can use our lombard loan as a current account or a fixed advance.

Further Information: Factsheet (PDF)

Online Credit

Manage all your credits in one place

Online Credit is a new digital channel that provides you with an overview of all of your credit exposure. Now you can easily apply for and manage your credit online, 24/7.

  • Conveniently monitor your credit lines and credit products 
  • Easily review your credit exposure with third parties 
  • Reduce administrative effort with the help of streamlined credit application processes 
  • Effortlessly manage your credit documents 
  • 24/7 access to your credit portfolio 
  • You must have inspection rights to view your company's credit exposure and to apply for new credit. You can request these rights from your client advisor. 

Further information is available on our fact sheet (PDF).

Personal Consultation 

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