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Income Producing Real Estate

We support you in your role as real estate entrepreneur and private individual.

Investment properties can provide a safe haven among different investment options. However, in contrast to various financial investments, managing a real estate portfolio requires dealing with complex questions. Decisions, the wisdom of which can often only be judged in the distant future, need to be made continuously.

We can support you in the decision-making process by providing analysis and assisting with transactions, as well as demonstrating the implications of different courses of action. We appreciate that your decisions are relevant to you as an entrepreneur and a private individual. Our experts will advise you from both perspectives to find the optimal solutions.

Our Service Offering:

  • Analysis/Research
  • Purchase/Sale
  • Succession and Corporate Structure Advice
  • Inheritance
  • Financial Planning
  • Taxes

Further Information: 
Our Offer for Real Estate Entrepreneurs and Promoters (PDF)

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