Financing Factoring


Finance company growth on your own? Why not.

Factoring gives you rapid access to your liquidity.

Is your company aiming to finance its own growth? Are you looking to expand abroad or simply to improve your financial scope? If so, factoring with Credit Suisse is your best option.

With this innovative form of financing, you sell outstanding trade receivables to the bank. You can immediately put the liquidity to use in the company, increasing your flexibility so that you can utilize current market opportunities or finance investments for growth.

Information on Factoring (PDF)
Information on Trade Payables Financing (PDF)

Extensive risk assumption

Financing using Credit Suisse factoring is based on the actual purchase of your receivables. This provides you with protection against debtor defaults within the framework of the limits granted and the contractually agreed conditions. 

Customized products

Our factoring services are geared precisely to your needs.

Many years of expertise

Our specialists have solid know-how in the factoring area and are familiar with markets and sectors. They will provide you with comprehensive advice to match your requirements. 

Efficient online platform

You can meet all of your factoring needs online in FactoringNet. Our application enables you to call up the financing, generate reports, or electronically transmit invoice data. 

  In-House Factoring disclosed*
In-House Factoring undisclosed*
In-House Factoring DUAL disclosed*
 In-House Factoring DUAL undisclosed*
Guaranteed Liquidity 
Hedging of Del Credere Risk 
Optimization of Profitability 
Improved Creditworthiness 

* Minimum volume: CHF 20 mn p.a.; for lower volumes we are happy to put you in contact with our collaboration partner Tradeplus24 AG.

In-House Factoring

“Disclosed or undisclosed assignment,” i.e. assignment with or without notification to debtor is possible, and balance-sheetoptimizing receivables purchase.

In-House Factoring DUAL

“Dislosed or undisclosed assignment,” i.e. assignment with or without notification to debtor is possible, and balance-sheetoptimizing, reveivables purchase and individual hedging of delcredere risks.

Use various management elements to simulate the balance sheet and P&L values corresponding to your situation. Changes are shown immediately.

Personal Consultation 

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