Corporate Finance Switzerland Structured Finance & Syndications

Structured Finance & Syndications

We develop financing solutions that project your specific financing plans and future free cash flow.

The specialists at Structured Finance & Syndications can help you to structure complex financing. This includes cash-flow based acquisition financing, management buyouts or buy-ins, project or major real estate financing and syndicated loans.

Acquisition Financing

For corporate acquisitions, we assist with bridge loans for future capital market refinancing and for medium and long-term bank financing through syndication for the necessary borrowed funds.

Have you identified a suitable acquisition target that you expect to greatly increase in value? Benefit from the experience of our specialists, who will advise you on all issues of acquisition financing and help you source the debt capital.

Management Buy-Out / Buy-In

For succession planning or the sale of your company, we can design tailored financing solutions for internal or external management at conditions in line with the market.

If you would like to manage your company or a third-party company as an owner and independent entrepreneur, and not as an employee, we can actively assist you with your plans and provide you with debt financing. If needed, we can also put you in touch with investors who can contribute additional equity to your plan.

Expansion and Liquidity Security

Are you in a phase of dynamic corporate growth, or going through a temporary decline in business volume? Are you looking for a financing structure that can enhance or stabilize profitability while keeping risk at bay? Then you need a tailored financing concept that reflects your future operating cash flow. Our strength lies in optimizing your financing structure, meeting your requirements to the fullest possible extent at fair market rates.


Syndicated loans, also called consortium loans, are loan agreements entered into by several banks with just one client under the same conditions. They are an efficient financing tool starting from about CHF 50 million or for the consolidation of bilateral limits of several banks.

We help arrange syndicated loans at fair market rates and place them with third-party banks. After the transaction is executed, we also handle the administration (as "agent bank") for you.

We can underwrite syndicated loans for confidential transactions and place them at our own risk. As an alternative, syndicated loans can be placed on a "best effort" basis with existing and new banks without a need for underwriting.

Commercial Real Estate

Our commercial real estate specialists advise companies and private clients, as well as real estate owners and investors, in all bank-specific real estate issues. We structure complex real estate and acquisition financing, optimize your real estate investments or develop tailored fund solutions, assist you with the purchase or sale of investment property with our Midmarket Investment Banking team or broker real estate for you.

Individual Solutions, Professional Advice

The specialists at Corporate Finance Switzerland are here to assist with a full range of services for corporate and capital market transactions. Get in touch with us.