Corporate Finance Switzerland Employee Share Ownership Service

Employee Share Ownership Service

We are your partner for creating and implementing tailored employee share programs in line with the market.

Our Employee Share Ownership Service is your partner for implementing tailored employee share programs. Our service ensures proper design and smooth processing via our internet-based software.

Let Your Employees Share in the Company's Success

Your company relies on qualified staff to reach ambitious targets. Make your best people partners, and let them share in the company's long-term success. With Credit Suisse, you know you have an expert for employee share programs on your side. We offer individual advice, customized solutions and smooth processing, leaving you to concentrate on your primary responsibilities.

How You Benefit

We advise you from a single source, from design to implementation and subsequent administration of your participation plan — with one contact person. By outsourcing your administration tasks in an ever-more complex regulatory environment, you can preserve your own resources and keep costs under control. You and your plan participants have permanent access to your data via a secure internet platform, where you can obtain crucial information or execute a transaction at any time. 

Individual Solutions, Professional Advice

Our employee share ownership specialists will support you with customized solutions for implementing your employee participation plans. Get in touch with us:

CREDIT SUISSE (Switzerland) Ltd.
Adem Ferati
Head Employee Share Ownership Service
CH-8070 Zurich
Tel +41 44 334 63 77

Personal Consultation 

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We're always here for you, and that's on a personal level too. To arrange a personal consultation call us toll-free on 0800 88 88 74* or use the contact form.