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Elios Elsener

Elios Elsener

Vice Chairman

Elios Elsener is head of Products & Sales within Corporate Banking at Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. In this role, he is responsible for business strategies & analytics, covers market & sales management and drives the IT project portfolio. He is also in charge of a variety of products ranging from Private Equity platforms CSEC and SwissEF, ESOS (Employee Share Ownership Service), Escrow services to Fides Treasury Services AG, all for corporate clients in Switzerland. Elios Elsener is also closely involved in digitalization activities of the corporate client business. Before taking up his current position, Elios Elsener was COO of Corporate Banking for more than 4 years and COO for Solution Partners, a unit within Private Banking that focuses on initiating, structuring, and delivering complex solutions for sophisticated client segments, for more than 4 years. He has been employed by Credit Suisse since 2001 and has worked in various roles. Elios Elsener has a degree in business administration (licentiatus rerum politicarum) from the University of Berne. He was promoted to Managing Director as of January 1, 2018.