Cash Management A one-stop overview of liquidity for all your accounts? Why not.

A one-stop overview of liquidity for all your accounts? Why not.

Would you like to keep track of all your accounts from a single overview? Or would you like to make payments without spending lots of time logging in to different banking portals? Companies vary greatly in what they understand by a multibanking solution, and what they expect of it. Where one may require an online banking solution that displays accounts held with other banks in Switzerland, another may make payments across bank accounts held around the world. Whatever your needs are, we have the solutions:

The global multibanking solution from Credit Suisse and Fides Treasury Services Ltd is a service unlike any other.

In just a few steps you can integrate your third-party banks in Credit Suisse Online Banking or via Fides. Not only can you generate an overview of available bank transaction data, but you can also make payments from all your banks around the globe directly via Fides.

Credit Suisse and Fides Multibanking in brief:

  • The Credit Suisse and Fides solution brings together the most comprehensive liquidity-management and payment functionalities on the market in the easiest possible way
  • Our two individual solutions provide corporate clients with centralized access to their banks at a national and global level, while applying the very highest security standards
  • Ideal for companies with multiple banking relationships
  • Time-saving: fewer daily time-consuming manual processes
  • Customizable: manage access authorizations via Fides and create individual reports directly online
  • Execute individual or retail payments from a single application anywhere in the world via Fides
Transparent Direct Individual
All Credit Suisse and third-party bank accounts in one application
Payments via Fides from any bank account in the world
Customizable at a user, company, or account level

Differences between the applications:

  • Credit Suisse Multibanking gives you access to a simple liquidity overview for most banks worldwide directly within Online Banking
  • Fides gives you comprehensive information on all your banks around the world and lets you make payments via the Fides Multibanking suite or directly from your treasury management or enterprise resource planning system

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  • One login for an overview of liquidity across all of your banking relationships
  • Independent management of your external bank accounts
  • Cost-effective and simplified multibank-data aggregation
  • Constant access to your multibank dashboard
  • Flexible display options

Further information can be found in our fact sheet (PDF) and in the terms and conditions (PDF).

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  • Reach all your banks worldwide – with just one login, no matter what channel
  • Comprehensive payment and cash management functionalities in a single application, or directly from your TMS/ERP
  • Highly flexible authorization options – by user, team, account, bank, country, or subsidiary
  • Customizable reporting – comprehensive search, filter, sort, display, and export functions at the touch of a button
  • Flexible dashboards – choose the workflows that are relevant to you

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