Cash Management Fides multibanking suite: Your central platform for global bank management

Fides multibanking suite: Your central platform for global bank management

The multibank solution for professional treasurers from Fides Treasury Services AG, a Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. company.

Fides allows you to centralize your bank accounts and make payments to anywhere in the world at the touch of a button, using an intuitive web interface or directly from your treasury management system/enterprise resource planning solution.

Fides centralizes and simplifies global multibank connectivity and transaction communications. The modular Fides multibanking suite gives you complete visibility into and control over your banking connections and transactions, with secure access from any location. Administration and approvals are controlled through a single tool, saving time and effort while providing visibility into all aspects of workflows.

Fides ARS

Normalize and validate all your bank transaction data to get the information you need, when you need it. ARS consolidates your account information such as balances or transactions from your banking and payment partners anywhere in the world.

Fides EFT

Simplify the global transfer of any payment to your banks with Fides’s flexible electronic file transfer solution. With EFT, you can initiate payments quickly and cost effectively, in the right formats, through the optimal channels.

Your benefits at a glance

Reap the benefits of worldwide transaction transparency. Using a single source for all bank communications makes it easy to gain visibility into global cash positions and increase forecast accuracy.

Transaction data is loaded automatically, eliminating the need for treasury professionals to enter data manually.

Further automate and streamline processes by mapping users and groups to accounts, account groups, banks, countries, subsidiaries, as well as to validate payments, set up sign-off rules, carry out dual control, and more.

Extensive search, filter, sorting, display, and export functions give you the data you need in the format you need it — at the touch of a button.

Thorough data validation capabilities and services ensure that opening and closing bank balances, statement formats, and any other transaction data points are correct, consistent, and ready for your reports and daily processes.

Validate, execute, and monitor all transactions through a single workflow, eliminating the need for multiple processes.

Create orders via ad hoc entry, templates, or file upload to meet your business and HR needs.

As all payments are captured and managed using the same solution, fraudulent activity can be detected quickly. Leverage built-in compliance management features, rule-based checks, and profiling founded on payment history and analytics.

Our modern, bank-proven sanction filtering adheres to local and international regulations to help you manage and mitigate risk.

About Fides

Fides – a Credit Suisse (Switzerland) Ltd. company, is the global leader in multibank connectivity and transaction communications, enabling corporates to connect to any bank, in any region, through any channel. With Fides, you can reach further, and connect faster. Our solutions deliver critical multibank account statement, payment workflow, and reporting capabilities for treasury and finance teams, helping more than 3,500 clients communicate with over 13,000 banks and payment providers across 200 countries. Whether you are using a TMS, ERP, the Fides multibanking suite, or any combination, Fides is the only connectivity platform you need.

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