Cash Management Multibanking: Fides ARS and EFT

Multibanking: Fides ARS and EFT

The Multibank solution for professional treasurers from Fides Treasury Services AG, a Credit Suisse Group company. 

The Fides Account Reporting Service (ARS) collects account information from your banks around the world, such as credit balances, transaction data, booking texts and additional details in various electronic formats. Fides Account Reporting (ARS) und Electronic File Transfer (EFT) software kits allow companies to conveniently, easily and quickly access their account statements and send and upload payment orders around the globe. 

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How It Works

Fides Treasury Services AG converts and validates the account statements received. These are saved in the Fides database; at intervals defined by you, we generate a file for automatic import into your treasury software. You can also use our Fides ARS Web or Fides ARS SmartClient software kits to access your account information.

Currently you can obtain data as SWIFT, BAI, AFB, CSV or client-specific files. Other formats can be added at the client's request. Using the Fides ARS Web and Fides ARS SmartClient software kits, you can also generate reports in TXT, PDF or HTML formats which you can print or view electronically.

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