Cash Management Balance Optimizer

Balance Optimizer

Would you like to manage your available liquidity according to your own needs? With the Credit Suisse Balance Optimizer, you make your own rules for automated account transfers.

Your Needs

  • Simple, automatic, and flexible solution for managing your liquidity in your Credit Suisse accounts
  • Optimize credit interest rates and make full use of savings potential
  • Spread available liquidity without manual effort
  • Efficient cash management with simple administration

Our Solution

  • Define rules with a few settings in Online Banking / Direct Net and optimize account balances automatically
  • Transfers are only possible between accounts held at Credit Suisse
  • Use of the balance optimizer is free of charge

Your Benefits

  • Efficient cash management
  • Automatic management of your liquidity
  • Changes to the rules of Online Banking / Direct Net possible at any time

Personal Consultation 

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