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Our Solutions for Comprehensive and Transparent Liquidity Management

A company always needs to have enough liquidity for its business operations. At the same time, actively managing liquid funds that are not currently being used can help create additional income opportunities and attractive yields. Thanks to our many years of experience, we can provide you with personalized advisory services and solutions that are tailored to your needs: from informational overviews and liquidity planning to transferring liquidity and financial investments – all under one roof. 

In particular, companies with an international scope typically have accounts at multiple financial institutions. Their cash flows also operate in different currency areas or need to be reconciled within complex corporate structures. We make sure that you have a complete overview of the liquid assets that are available at any given moment. 


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Your company always needs to have liquidity for its business operations. By carefully planning your national or international cash flows, you can prevent negative balances and liquidity squeezes and minimize financial risks. Our innovative solutions are compatible with multi-bank operations and allow you to target the management of your assets and liabilities. 

Your liquidity needs can change daily. You need to have sufficient liquid assets in the right places so that payment orders can be processed reliably. We provide you with solutions for using simple automated processes to transfer liquidity, and these solutions can be readily adapted to the technical infrastructure that you have in place.


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Liquid assets that you do not require can be identified through careful planning. They can then be actively managed, providing you with additional yield. We offer you a wide range of investment products focusing on the short to long term. This enables you to obtain more attractive returns on your cash holdings, particularly when interest rates are low.


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Our Expertise for Your Success

Using integrated cash management is complicated and it involves different challenges for each particular company. Your personal advisor is always available to assist with any questions you may have. Our knowledgeable experts at the Electronic Banking Desk can also be consulted as needed. We are your one-stop shop for professional support for everything from evaluating your current situation and deciding which solution you will implement to continuously handling your integrated cash management.

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  • Professional advice on all products tailored specifically to your needs
  • Optimizing cash management processes and selecting the idea cash management olution for your company
  • Ensuring that your cash management solution is quickly put into operation
  • Close collaboration when rolling out your electronic payment transaction products
  • Professional support geared specifically to the needs of corporate clients and provided in German, French, Italian, and English
  • Readily available, quick response times, and comprehensive problem-solving

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