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Carole Ackermann

Carole Ackermann

Diamondscull AG Founder & CEO

Carole Ackermann is the CEO and co-​founder of private holding company Diamondscull AG, which invests in medical, high-​tech, and ITC start-​ups. She has more than twenty years of international and intercultural management experience on the Executive Boards of SMEs and large companies.As a member of the Board of Directors for such companies as Allianz Suisse, BKW, BVZ Holding, and Plaston, she has experience with new business models, and an unwavering commitment to employees and innovation.Previously, she served as an advisor and manager of Interbrand and Arthur Andersen, and as a marketing and investor relations director at Saurer. As the director of Corporate Development, she oversaw a management buyout with private equity investors before assuming responsibility for the medical division and China. She contributes this experience as jury member at various start-​up organizations, the co-​president of Angels for Ladies, and member of the Board of Directors for be-​advanced, an innovation promotion agency from Bern.Carole Ackermann completed her doctor of economics and business administration at the University of St. Gallen, where she has served as lecturer for business administration and integration projects since 2003.