New Clients

Information about your ideal legal form can be found here.

Further information about the conditions and prices for the Credit Suisse Startup and Business Easy banking packages can be found here (PDF)

The advisory team is centrally located in the Business Center Switzerland in Bern-Gümligen and specializes in solutions for SMEs. On request and depending on the situation, a "local contact person" is also available to clients in every market area, who can give clients needs-based advice on further complex issues and as part of a strategic dialogue.

Startup Easy, the complete package for the day-to-day financial needs of newly established companies, is the simple banking solution for new entrepreneurs. More information can be found here.

Business Easy, the complete package for small and medium-sized enterprises, is the simple banking solution for entrepreneurs. It includes the most important products and services for your daily financial needs. More information can be found here.

The requirements of our video identification for opening a capital payment account can be found at this link; for other accounts here. Please note that video identification is not available for certain nationalities/types of ID. Video identification is carried out by means of a video call in your browser. Please use Google Chrome or Firefox as your browser.

If the video call cannot be started, try in Google Chrome or Firefox and empty the cache. Your firewall configuration may need to be modified so that starting a video call in the browser and access to the camera and microphone are allowed.

You can open your account for certain situations directly online.

  • You can open a capital payment account at this link;
  • a sole proprietorship domiciled in Switzerland at this link;
  • and an AG/GmbH (joint-stock company/limited liability company) domiciled in Switzerland at this link (expected to be available in the third or fourth quarter of 2018). 

For all other legal forms, please use our contact form.

You can re-register at any time using your email address and your password. All your data will be saved when you leave the input field concerned. This gives you the flexibility to continue and complete the process later.

This is to ensure that you can continue the process at any time if there is an interruption (technical fault, interruption on your side, etc.) You can change device at any time during the process, for example entering the data on your computer and using your smartphone for video identification. We also use this address to send you a copy of the contracts and the account number.

The contracts will be signed after the identification procedure. The signature is done using a TAN (six-digit code), which is sent to you on your smartphone. You will receive two different TANs. The first TAN will be triggered by Swisscom and is entered directly by the client in the system during the call between you and Swisscom. You must request the second TAN proactively using the "Request TAN" button and enter it in the field provided. By entering the second TAN, the relationship opening process is completed using your electronic signature.  

Please visit a Credit Suisse counter of your choice and inform the staff about your concern. The floor manager will give you the necessary document for signing, and then forward it to the relevant unit to be registered.

These can also be opened online as part of the onboarding process for a sole proprietorship or an AG/GmbH (joint-stock company/limited liability company) at this link

Please use our contact form until the online onboarding process for corporations is activated (expected to be in the third or fourth quarter of 2018).

There is currently a special discount for clients who open a Capital payment account via the Credit Suisse online onboarding solution. This costs CHF 100.00 excl. VAT. Clients can also open a Capital payment account without using the Credit Suisse online onboarding solution via STARTUPS.CH. This costs CHF 150 excl. VAT.

You can start the process of opening a capital payment account directly online (click on the corresponding button in your STARTUPS.CH account).
Note: Please register immediately after clicking on the button. In that way, you will find all your data already pre-filled. The login data for STARTUPS.CH will not work for the online process with Credit Suisse; however, you can simply provide your email address and select a new password.

You can start the account opening process for your sole proprietorship directly here.

In order to verify your credit requests as a new client, we require your financial statements from the last three years including appendix and appropriation of net income, as well as your information from the debt enforcement office. Please use our contact form.
After you have contacted us, we will request the necessary documents by email.

Relationships for companies domiciled outside Switzerland cannot be opened online at present. Please use our contact form.