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Accounts & Safekeeping Accounts

What is a Capital payment account and how can I open a capital payment account?

The Capital payment account is available for the incorporation of joint-stock companies (AG), limited liability companies (GmbH) or partnerships limited by shares that are headquartered in Switzerland, as well as for additional payments of securities subscribed and ordinary or authorized capital increases by such organizations. We issue a capital payment confirmation for the respective incorporation or capital increase.
The conditions and prices include: no interest, free account management, a semi-annual external statement and commission for the capital increase confirmation.
For more information on the Capital payment account, including the process and payment, please go to "Capital Payment Account" and refer to our "Capital payment account" fact sheet.

With us you can open your Capital payment account online and completely paper-free in just a few steps at the following link: credit-suisse.com/incorp

Otherwise, download and complete the following application form and return it with a certified copy of your identity documents to a Credit Suisse branch in your region.

Application form

What account solutions does Credit Suisse currently offer SME clients?

Startup Easy, the complete package for the day-to-day financial needs of newly established companies, is the simple banking solution for new entrepreneurs. Find further information at: “Startup Easy Package.“

Business Easy, the complete package for small and medium-sized enterprises, is the simple banking solution for entrepreneurs. It includes the most important products and services for your daily financial needs. Find further information at: “Business Easy Package.“

How do I order an account statement?

The simplest way of ordering an account statement is as an e-document via Online Banking.
If you do not yet have an Online Banking contract, you can sign up here for your company.
Further information on e-documents is available here.

Can I go overdrawn on my account?

A current account without an agreed credit limit must generally be kept in credit. An overdraft may be considered by your client advisor in exceptional cases. In certain circumstances, documents may be requested for this to be reviewed. Please contact your client advisor.

How can I open a safekeeping account/securities safekeeping account?

To open a safekeeping account, please contact your client advisor.

What are investment reports and tax statements and how can I request these as a corporate client?

The investment report is a transparent overview of your assets at Credit Suisse.
To order an investment report, please contact your client advisor.

The tax statement is suitable for all natural persons with tax domicile in Switzerland, but not for legal entities.

You can order a statement of interest and capital via e-banking under “Menu,” “Self Services,” “Order Statements.”

What solutions does Credit Suisse offer for savers and what are the notice periods?

In Startup Easy – the complete package for the day-to-day financial needs of newly established companies – there are two Startup Easy Savings accounts to choose from: 1 CHF, 1 EUR, or 1 USD.

In Business Easy – the complete package for the day-to-day financial needs of small and medium-sized enterprises – there are three Business Easy Savings accounts to choose from: CHF, EUR, or USD.

With regard to notice periods, we refer to the overview of prices and conditions for companies.

How can I close my account and what are the associated costs?

You can make an order to close your account by using a request form. This form is available at the following link.
Please complete and sign the form and send it by post to your client advisor. Please note that fees and charges are charged on a pro rata basis and will be debited from your current account.