A Credit Suisse prepaid credit card lets you pay worldwide and online – just like a credit card. You have direct cost control, since spending is limited to the credit balance loaded on your card. The best way of topping up the credit balance is via transfer, but this can also be done over the phone or via the Cash Service. The prepaid credit card allows you to make secure payments in online shops, and you will receive a replacement card with the remaining balance anywhere in the world in the event of theft or loss. For more information, please go to: "Prepaid Card."

You will find the application form for a prepaid card at the following link: "Application for a prepaid card (Corporate Clients)." Please fill out the application form and send it to your client advisor.

Maestro cards

The Maestro card allows you to make cashless payments in Switzerland and around the world, and you can also withdraw cash at ATMs. The benefits of a Maestro card include:

  • Contactless payments for amounts under CHF 40 without entering your PIN (PIN entry is required for amounts over CHF 40)
  • Easier than cash – no need to count and handle loose change
  • Worldwide cash withdrawals in the local currency
  • Direct debiting from the account ensures controlled spending
  • Available for transaction accounts in CHF, EUR, USD, and GBP
  • No currency conversion if transaction and account currency match
  • Secure use of your Maestro card around the world thanks to standard or custom country settings to protect against skimming
  • Account information and cash deposits at Credit Suisse ATMs

You will find the application form for a Maestro card at the following link: "Application for a Maestro Card." Please fill out the application form and send it to your client advisor.

Cash Deposit cards

You can use the Cash Deposit card to pay money into your account at any ATM (Cash Automat Plus) free of charge and regardless of the counter opening times. This card offers you an alternative to making deposits at the counter. The advantages of this card include:

  • Bank notes can be deposited into a CHF account in CHF and EUR free of charge at a Cash Automat Plus
  • Coins can be deposited in CHF free of charge at a Cash Automat Plus equipped with a coin deposit system
  • Deposits can be made around the clock
  • User-friendly navigation in the familiar menu format at ATMs without PIN entry
  • No confidential client data is displayed on the deposit slip
  • The deposited amount is immediately available in the account
  • Choice of booking text for ease of identifying the deposit

You will find the application form for a Cash Deposit card at the following link: "Application for a Cash Deposit Card." Please fill out the application form and send it to your client advisor.

You can have the contactless feature deactivated by your client advisor, at one of our branches, or via the 24-hour helpline (+41 800 800 488). The contactless feature can also be reactivated at your request.

The advantages of a company credit card include:

  • Financial freedom and flexibility: improved cash flow thanks to longer payment deadlines 
  • Convenient options for controlling expenses and billing
  • Transparency: clear separation of private and business expenditure
  • Online access: more control and oversight for your company and the cardholders
  • Secure means of payment: rapid replacement in the event of theft or loss; no liability for fraudulent use by a third party
  • Bonus programs: you benefit every time you use your card 
  • Generous insurance benefits
  • Accepted worldwide, always in the right currency
  • Valuing your employees: demonstrate your trust in your employees by giving them a company card.

The Business Easy and Startup Easy packages offer an attractive credit card package. Both card packages consist of a Business Easy American Express® and a Business Easy Mastercard®. This gives you two credit cards that are accepted worldwide and means that you always have the right card to hand anywhere without any extra costs. You will also receive all card packages with no annual fee in the first year. And as a Business Easy client, your first Silver card package does not have an annual fee in subsequent years either. Further information is available at the following link: "The Credit Suisse corporate cards in the business client package."

Information on other credit card offers is available at the following link.

For American Express Business Card and Mastercard cardholders:
View, check and download your card data anytime – this is offered to you by the new, convenient and safe online access, CompanyOnline. For more information, as well as to register and log in, please go to the following link.

To determine your spending limit, simply look at your current monthly statement. In the upper left-hand corner, you will find the spending limit that is set for your product: "The spending limit."

In principle, a payment made using a Maestro card is debited immediately and is charged directly to the account. There are situations in which the offline limit of the Maestro card comes into play. The available limit is then restricted and a correct debit is made at a later point in time.

Credit card:
You can change your PIN or order a new one via cardservice or via online access to your credit card account. cardservice offers a practical service center where you can easily complete administrative tasks online: For example, you can change your residential address, order a PIN, request payment slips, or send secure messages. You can register for cardservice or log in at the following link: "Login cardservice."

Alternatively, you can request a new PIN for your credit card by post, by completing the following form and sending it to Swisscard AECS GmbH: "PIN Order Form."

Debit card:
Please contact your client advisor to order a new PIN.

Maestro card:

If your card is lost or stolen, or if there is a suspicion of fraud, please call Credit Suisse's 24-hour helpline immediately to block the card (tel. +41 800 800 488).
For more information regarding ATM security, please go to the link below: "Security."

Credit card:

Loss or theft: Generally, if the duty of care in accordance with the General terms and conditions is observed when the card is lost or stolen, there is no liability. It is important to make sure the card is canceled as soon as it is lost. A replacement card is usually issued within 48 hours or 24 hours for Credit Suisse American Express® Business Gold. They are often even issued on site in one of the world's 3,200 American Express travel agencies and representative offices. Contact details can be found at the following link: "Contact."

Fraudulent use by a third party: Transactions that are fraudulently made by a third party must be reported in writing to Swisscard AECS GmbH as soon as they are discovered and at the latest within 30 days after the invoice date.

To improve your security when making online purchases, please register for 3-D Secure, an internationally recognized security standard for online card payments. For more information and to register, please go to the following link: "Shop securely online using 3-D Secure."